Ham and Cheese Breakfast Egg-Tacos

"Having a mixed bag of food allergies and intolerances in our family makes certain dinner ideas and concepts a challenge...but what I love about this one...it easily catered to my egg-free child and my gluten-free child, both of whom happen to be dairy free as well. Tanner enjoyed this ham and egg rollup...even had a second "egg tortilla." Emma enjoyed a ham with a whole wheat tortilla. All were happy...including this mom, who only ended up a short order cook to accommodate the allergies rather than cooking 2 completely separate meals. Egg Tortillas, you say? What are those? The key is keeping the egg layer thin...and keeping the heat just above medium. You don't want to burn your egg tortilla, but you also need it to cook all the way through, so it's durable enough to hold the cheese and ham. It's easier to make than an omelet, in the sense that there isn't flipping and gnashing of eggs happening over the stove...but you do have to be vigilant as each one cooks. Once the egg tortillas are cooked, it's just a matter of assembling and enjoying. Feel free to add other favorite omelet toppings...sautéed onions and peppers, sautéed spinach...experiment with cheese flavors...don't be afraid to get crazy! One final note about the ham...you could use leftover Easter ham in place of the thinly sliced ham, but be sure to slice it thin...a thick piece of ham will keep these egg-tacos from rolling properly! For our family, this is a new favorite "brinner" and weekend breakfast concept!"
photo by ElizabethKnicely photo by ElizabethKnicely
photo by ElizabethKnicely
Ready In:
4 large egg-tacos




  • Add eggs, milk and seasoning salt to bowl. Whisk.
  • Scoop about 3/4 cup of eggs into a well greased 8" skillet. (I used cooking spray between each one.) (A larger skillet will require more than 8 eggs for 4 "tortillas". A smaller skillet will make more, but smaller "tortillas.").
  • Let the eggs set over medium-high heat and then gently tilt and spin the skillet allowing the eggs to set up along the edge as well. Shake the skillet slightly after the egg has set to prevent it from burning or browning too much, and to move the egg along the top to encourage it to cook.
  • Reduce heat to medium-low heat until the egg has cooked through. There is no need to flip, as the egg tortilla is thin and has cooked through.
  • Slide the egg onto a clean surface or plate to load the other ingredients.
  • Repeat.
  • Note: 2 eggs plus 1 tablespoon milk makes 1 "egg tortilla" in an 8" skillet. So do the math to figure out how many you'll need to prepare to have enough tortillas.
  • Once the egg tortillas are made, top with the cheese slices or shredded cheese so the heat from the eggs will melt the cheese. Add the ham (and other prepared veggies) over the cheese.
  • Roll up the egg-taco and eat warm with a side of fresh fruit.

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