Halloween Rats Baked in Blood

"Wait till you tell the kids whats for dinner on Halloween! These are guaranteed to be the most delicious rats you’ll ever eaten. Serve on a bed of worms tossed with blood (spaghetti mixed with rat sauce) or simply place on a mound of mashed potatoes and prepare for a ghoulish feast... The "rats" are the first 9 ingredients, the remaining make up the "blood""
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins




  • In a mixing bowl, combine the ground beef, rice, onion, egg and 1 teaspoons (5 mL) of the salt. Mix well.
  • Now make the rats. Using a measuring cup, scoop out 1/4 cup (50 mL) of the ground beef mixture. Form it, by hand, into a firmly packed teardrop shape — pointy on one end, rounded on the other. This is your basic rat. Place it into a 3-quart (3 liter) shallow baking dish and gently pinch in the neck area. Poke a piece of uncooked spaghetti into the larger rounded end as a tail. Repeat with the remaining ground beef mixture.
  • When all the rats are neatly placed in the baking dish, stir together the tomatoes, water, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, remaining 1 teaspoons (5 mL) of salt and 1/4 teaspoons (1 mL) pepper. Pour over the rats. Cover the dish with foil wrap (or a lid, if it has one) and bake at 350° F (180° C) for 45 minutes. Uncover and continue to bake for another 45 to 50 minutes, basting occasionally with sauce, or until the rice is tender and the rats are fully cooked.
  • Gently remove rats, one at a time, from the sauce and place gently on a serving platter. (Take care not to damage the tails — they’re fairly delicate.) Into each rat, insert two carrot slices as ears, peppercorns (or whatever) for eyes, and a few more broken strands of uncooked spaghetti for whiskers. Spoon sauce around the rats and serve, smiling wickedly.

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  1. I made the mice with my own meatball recipe as I was making them anyway. I put them on top of my baked ziti that I took to a halloween engagement party.Very cute the only thing I changed was I used slivered almonds for the ears. Marg
  2. Oh my goodness, such fun!! I loved watching the kids faces on Halloween when I served this! HeeHee. I invited my SIL and nephew and they were open mouthed shocked!!!! So much fun. They are very good. I served broken up spaghetti with this and we LOVED it. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe withus.
  3. This is such a crazy fun recipe for Halloween. I have freaked out many with this one. LOL I did mine a bit different. I made my meatball mix, added rice and then shaped the rats. Baked in spaghetti sauce (jarred) mixed with about 1/2 T. red food coloring. Spinach fettuccine boiled in red wine, then reserved the wine for boiling spaghetti (adding a few drops of red food coloring to give it a different look).
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  4. Haha these are fun to make.. I make these "rats" every year but am now just leaving a review!<br/>Love the looks on everyone's face when I serve em up!!
  5. Oh...just too cute!!! My kids were SO excited about this, that I think that the entire school knew what they were having for dinner!!!<br/>They both 'dissected' their rats with glee...pulling out the whiskers,ripping off ears etc,and it got even better after I informed them that the rice was actually maggots!!<br/>A really fun filled meal that was really tasty too- by the way..leftover rats taste very good in sandwiches the next day!!<br/>Thanks so much Annacia...can't wait for next year already!!!<br/>Made for PRMR.



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