Habanero Salsa

"We use this as a dip with tortilla chips or as a salsa on top of just about everything we eat. Especially good on top of grilled chicken served on a warm tortilla."
photo by FDLockhart photo by FDLockhart
photo by FDLockhart
Ready In:
2 cups approx




  • NOTE: Remove seeds from peppers and the sauce will be a little hot. Leave seed and it should be pretty firey.
  • Finely chop and combine all fresh ingredients except garlic. Press garlic into mixture. Add salt, pepper, oregano and tomato sauce. Mix well. This can be pulsed in the food processor if you want a smoother texture.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Geni H.
    How long will this salsa last?


  1. Mel1160
    By far the best salsa I've ever made! We like hot salsa so we seeded 3 of the 5 habaneros and added in lime juice from 1/2 a lime. Other than that we followed the recipe exactly as written. I highly recommend this recipe!
  2. jrmalone83
    Salsa turned out great. Liked the heat but could still taste the other fresh ingredients. The only modification I made was to add the juice from 1 lime. Will definitely make again. Thanks.
  3. TimT1984
    I stumbled across this gym yesterday and decided to make it for a company BBQ. The flavor and spice were amazing and paired well with the Carne Asada & Chicken Tacos we had. Absolutely a new favorite.
  4. FDLockhart
    I tried this recipe. It looked and was simple. I adjust the ingredients (as I do with most recipes). It was absolutely delicious. I left just a little habanero seeds and wow, it was fiery. But I like it hot. I love the fact that I'm making fresh salsa, with no preservative. I wash, chop, and season everything myself. Getting ready to make some more right now.
  5. DomCos
    This recipe is simple and great. The local farmers market was out of habanero salsa, so decided to make my own. I used a "Slap Chopper" for the garlic and habanero's with seeds. It was perfect, hot enough for my taste buds and not so hot that I had to add anything to cool it down. Thank You!


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