Gruesome Green Goblin Punch - Fun for Halloween!

READY IN: 10mins
SERVES: 14-16


  • Punch
  • 6
    cups chilled apple juice
  • 6
    cups chilled ginger ale
  • 4
    cups prepared green Jell-O
  • To decorate
  • colored sugar crystals (orange, black & red work well)
  • gummy worms
  • kiwi, slices (optional)


  • Starting with your cups or glasses, dip the rims onto a plate covered in a little corn syrup. Once dipped in the syrup, let excess drip off & dip into a bowl of coloured sugar crystals (these are easy to make at home - take a zip loc style bag, place a few tbsp of granulated sugar & a couple of drops of food colouring into the bag. Shake & rub the bag until the colour is evenly distributed - use more colouring for a stronger coloured sugar).
  • Place the sugar rimmed cups / glasses on some parchment paper & place in upside down in the fridfe to set.
  • Carfelly chop or mash your jello until you have smallish sized chunks.
  • Mix your punch together. You can sugar the rim of the punch bowl using the above method but paintig the syrup on with an artists paintbrush!
  • Add the jello to the punch & throw in a few gummy worms.