Ground Meat! "making Your Own"

Recipe by Rita1652
READY IN: 15mins


  • 1
    lb chuck roast (85 percent lean semi frozen, untrimmed 1 inch chunks)
  • 14
    lb pork loin (semi frozen, untrimmed 1 inch chunks ,) (optional)


  • Place in a food processor the meat with a metal blade, taking care to process in small (no more than 1/2-pound depending on the size of your processor) batches.
  • Pulse in short 1- to 2-held second bursts until the desired consistency is achieved, about 10 pulses. (Count one one thousand two one thousand).
  • Pulsing is key do not let it run.
  • Pulsing distributes the pieces for more even chopping and avoids excess heat from friction that could turn your ground beef into mass of mush.
  • Add any seasoning (like garlic, herbs, onions) for a recipe, right in before beginning to process.
  • For burgers, a coarse grind is the way to go.
  • For meatloaf and meatballs, a finer grind helps the meat compact, blend with other ingredients, and hold its shape.
  • Ground beef usually comes from one of three cuts: chuck, round or sirloin.
  • Chuck is my favorite choice; it's a little fattier than the others, but gives great flavor.
  • Ground beef from the round or sirloin tends to be leaner, a good thing if you're counting calories but a bad thing if you want the juiciest, most dynamic burger possible.
  • If meats are lean add olive oil, tomato juice, egg so it is moist. For best results your ground meat should have at least 10 percent fat to meat ratio.
  • My favorite is 85 percent lean ground chuck. The fat is where the flavor is, and it also adds moisture for a juicier end result.
  • Yes turkey, chicken, pork, veal, lamb can be ground as well.