Ground Beef and Rice

"Quick and Tasty"
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  • Brown ground beef in a large skillet, add onion and cook over medium heat until tender. Drain fat. Add water, salt, chili powder, soup, corn, tomato, and green pepper. Bring to a boil and stir in rice. Cover and simmer 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can I use canned diced petite tomatoes instead of fresh? Drain juice from can?
  2. can i use long grain rice and just cook longer?


  1. Trying it. I love to cook and love to create. I did mine a little difrent but pretty much the same. Thanks for the recipe.
  2. This was so good! We didn't have any corn or bell pepper, so I used garlic, carrot, and celery instead. We also added a jalapeno and a crushed dried pepper. My DH was cooking and I left the room so he forgot the tomato too! DH ate his by scooping it up with tortilla chips! I ate mine wrapped in a flour tortilla with some brown rice. YUM! Quick and easy and most people have all these ingreds in their pantry already! Thanks for the easy dinner!
  3. this was so easy to make and fairly quick too! i nanny for a family with 3 boys(who are more or less all picky on different things) and they all loved it! i didn't put any chili powder or green pepper and i used basmati rice, which i cooked in advance. thanks for the awesome recipe!
  4. This was very good and simple to make with ingredients normally on hand. In reading some reviews about being "bland" I decided to use the seasoning from a recipe of mine (#185242) which is rather similar. I like the combination... this recipe adds tomatoes and corn which I think is a nice addition. We served over leftover rice. Thanks - will make this again!
  5. I made this for lunch today, and like one of the previous reviews I found it to be a little bland. So to spruce it up a bit I added some butter, sour cream and some shredded cheddar cheese. It gave it a little more body. I served it up with biscuits, and we were good to go. This is a good recipe to use as a base. Thanks.



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