Grilled Garlic Bread

"I was first inspired by my brother putting basic garlic bread in foil on the grill - I got a bit carried away in going beyond basic - and decided the foil just gets in the way! This has become a favorite of family and friends and I make it all summer long. When the weather turns cold you can cook it under the broiler. This recipe is very flexible, adapt the seasonings and add-ins to your family's preferences. Don't use the rustic artisan breads for this - head to the grocery and buy the inexpensive store bakery loaves."
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  • Slice bread all the way through top to bottom, make slices about 1- 1 1/2 inches thick, set aside.
  • Put all ingredients in Food processor, blender or use an immersion blender with everything in a bowl or 2 cup glass measuring cup (this is my favorite method, the blender is my last choice). Zizz everything up until there are no more chunks of anything. Taste the mix and adjust - some garlic is mild some have more bite - you want a good strong garlic taste. The mix will be kind of soupy, it firms after chilling if you have leftovers - when you go to use it again let it soften a few minutes until spreadable.
  • If you add cheese you might not want to add the salt, especially if you use the kind in a can - I usually add fresh and like it with a little salt. Though the cheese can cause a little sticking on the grill, it tastes great and worth a little clean up.( If doing this in the broiler - don't add the cheese to the mix - but sprinkle it on the bread after you turn it over and broil till toasty. ).
  • Spread a nice thin coat of butter mix on both sides of you bread. I usually stack them on a cookie sheet if I'm using the whole loaf - for just the two of us I use 4 slices and save the rest for another day.
  • I usually grill the bread when everything else is almost done, cooking time varies with your grill and whether you're using gas or charcoal.
  • Put the bread on the grill, check it often you want it kind of golden toasty or a little darker - sometimes the edges get over cooked in spots it's ok . Move the bread around as needed to keep from burning, My gas grill is hotter in the center so I have to spin the bread on the edges to keep it even - grill both sides of the bread, it usually takes a couple of minutes per side, serve ASAP Great with wine or a cold beer - I like to dip it in barbecue sauce.
  • Remember - this is flexible - you can leave out all the extras except for the garlic - or add other seasonings like oregeno. Enjoy!
  • Important - Use the butter mix within a week or freeze the leftovers.

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  1. Susie D
    This was different, but added a new spin on garlic bread. We thought it would be great with pasta and I liked it as a use for those pesto leftovers I always have on hand. Made for the Culinary Quest 2015.
  2. nochlo
    The sundried tomato added to very nice flavors to this bread. We loved this! ill make again! Made for PRMR tag.
  3. Maito
    This is a different, good garlic bread. The sundried tomato really shines through. I used fresh basil for this and used the oven since DH vetoed doing it on the BBQ (once seeing the spread he thought it would make a mess and stick to the grill).
  4. weekend cooker
    made this with the following adjustments given in the recipe:<br/>4 tablespoons parmesan cheese, omitted the red pepper flakes, 1 tablespoon sun-dried tomatoes, and 3 teaspoons dried basil. Made for a nice side dish on a big lunch yesterday. I cooked this on my barbecue grill, with hickory charcoal, very nice flavors to this bread. Made for PRMR tag.
  5. IngridH
    Oh, yum! I used tomatoes from last year that I had dried and preserved in olive oil, and fresh pesto from my basil plants. This was so easy, I just chucked it all in my mini prep food processor and let it rip. The spread smelled so good that I had a hard time letting it sit while waiting for my company to show up for dinner! After toasting, it was every bit as good as it smelled! I love the tiny bit of sweetness that the sundried tomatoes add to the wonderful garlic flavor of the butter. The pesto (I used homemade) was a plus, but even without it, I think this would rate 5 stars. I used ciabbata rolls, since it was just the two of us of dinner- but even with a cheap grocery store loaf, this would be amazing! Thanks for sharing!



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