Green olive meatloaf

Green olive meatloaf created by Caroline Cooks

My kids would never eat meat loaf until I started putting olives in it. Now they want it once a week.

Ready In:
1hr 5mins



  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Mix first 5 ingredients by hand in large bowl Spray a loaf pan with cooking oil.
  • Put mixture into pan and fold into a loaf.
  • Put the ketchup on and smooth so whole loaf is covered on top.
  • Put pan on middle rack.
  • Bake for 45 minutes.
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@A.M. Collins
@A.M. Collins
"My kids would never eat meat loaf until I started putting olives in it. Now they want it once a week."

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  1. Lindas Recipes
    This is an amazing meatloaf that is enjoyed by everybody in my family. If you love olives you have got to try this recipe! I will definitely be making this over and over, and I am adding it to my rotation right now!
  2. Mel608
    funny how people's tastes differ... i loooove olives and have always enjoyed ground turkey and was so looking forward to this recipe, but have to say i wasn't overly thrilled with it. The in-laws raved about it (but you never know, maybe they were just being nice?!) i knew when i was adding the onion mix that i should have used fresh onions (what's a meatloaf without onions?) but wanted to make the recipe as is before i knew what i wanted to tweak (as is my habit) ... outside of that, wasn't too keen on the consistency either... i usually like ground turkey and had to use it because in-laws have intolerances to beef..... but there is nothing quite like a hearty homemade ground beef meatloaf. this recipe left me with a serious craving that needs to be met! it wasn't bad, hence the 3 star rating, but nothing special either. glad i tried something new though, thanks for posting :)
  3. Caroline Cooks
    Green olive meatloaf Created by Caroline Cooks
  4. Caroline Cooks
    A good, dense meatloaf. Next time, will reduce the onion soup mix for less salt, since the olives are salty, too. Made in a ring meatloaf pan--so baking time was about 25 minutes.
  5. Mrs. Gottrocks
    This was really delicious!!! I probably make meatloaf almost at least once a week because it is a favorite of DH, adding all kinds of different ingredients in search of a great taste and texture, and they all taste the same, BLAND!!! This recipe satisfied that search!!! The olives added great texture and flavor, and the ketchup infused into the meat, keeping it moist. During the last 5 minutes, I added 2 slices of processed american cheese and let them melt. My search is over!! Thanks, A.M. Collins, will be making this again!!!!

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