Green Bean Bundles

Green Bean Bundles created by Cathy17

Perfect for the holidays

Ready In:
5hrs 10mins



  • Blanch the green beans in boiling water for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Run under cold water to stop the cooking or plunge into a bowl of ice water. Drain completely and pat dry with a paper towel and put in a casserole dish. Add red bell pepper strips.
  • Mix together the oil, mustard, garlic, salt and black pepper and pour over green beans and red bell peppers.
  • Marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • Preheat oven to 375.
  • Make a bundle of 8 or 9 beans and 2 or 3 strips of red bell pepper and wrap with half a bacon slice around each bundle. Secure with a tothpick and arrange in a single layer in the same casserole dish used for marinating.
  • Bake uncovered for 45 minutes or until the bacon is cooked.
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@Sherri L.
@Sherri L.
"Perfect for the holidays"

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  1. Cathy17
    Divinely gourmet! These were wonderful! I chose this b/c it was different from the other bundle recipes here. I had never heard of them before and was looking for a new recipe to try for Canadian Thanksgiving. <br/><br/>These sure were a hit! They are a bit fiddly to make, but so worth it! I used a full piece of bacon and tied it to secure the green beans and red peppers. No toothpicks needed although, I did have to secure a few with toothpicks where the bacon wouldn't cooperate, but that was rare. I doubled the marinade recipe and was worried they would be too greasy, but they roasted perfectly in the oven. I also added quite a bit of garlic from the jar. We like garlic. <br/><br/>Will make these again again. They are really tasty and give a beautiful presentation. They go well with Turkey and I plan to make them at Christmas with Prime rib. Thanks for a very tasty and unique recipe. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!<br/><br/>The first photo is before cooking, the 2nd is after.
  2. Cathy17
    Green Bean Bundles Created by Cathy17
  3. Cathy17
    Green Bean Bundles Created by Cathy17
  4. Chef Regina V. Smith
    This is a perfect choice for a dinner party menu. I blanched and marinated the beans in the morning and put the bundles together shortly before the guests arrived. Cooking time was correct. I served these with prime rib and mini roasted potatoes. The presentation was lovely. I will definitely add this recipe to my dinner party repertoire. Thanks Sherri.
  5. sydsmama
    These were soo good!! My mom made them for Thanksgiving dinner. I wish I would have taken a picture, very pretty! Will definately be making these in the future, thank-you!

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