Greek Peinirli

READY IN: 3hrs 30mins
YIELD: 8 Peinirli




  • Warm the milk to make it slightly tepid and put in a mixing bowl, now add the honey and dissolve it, then add the yeast and dissolve it.
  • Mix the 2 types of flour together and then add 200g of this mixture to the milk and mix well.
  • Cover the bowl with cling film and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes, to activate the yeast and rise.
  • Put the remaining flour in a large bowl and add the salt and melted butter.
  • Beat the egg in a little tepid water and add to the mixture.
  • Add the flour and yeast mixture to this mixture and knead well, adding some tepid water to make a non-sticky pliable dough.
  • Cover the bowl with cling film and leave in a warm place for approximately 1 hour until it has doubled in size.
  • Divide the dough into 8 equal balls and roll each ball out flat and give them an oval shape.
  • Spread the grated cheese lengthwise in the centre of each one. You can sprinkle a few leaves of oregano on top if you wish.
  • If you are using ham and bacon, put the slice of ham at the bottom, the cheese on top of it and the slice of bacon on top of that.
  • Looking at the dough with the oval-shape horizontal in front of you, take the top left and bottom right corners and fold them in a little bit toward the centre.
  • Then take the top right and bottom left corners and do the same.
  • Pinch the two ends of the oval together so that you get the boat-like shape.
  • Cut the 150g butter into 8 equal pieces and place in the centre of each.
  • Sprinkle a shallow oven dish with some flour, place the 8 peinirli on it and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.
  • Then put them in a pre heated oven at 250 degrees Celsius for 20-30 minutes, until they are golden brown.
  • Serve warm.


@Baby Kato
“This recipe has been posted here for play in ZWT9 - Greece. This recipe is from website: Recipe for Peinirli (pronounced peeneerlee). It is a boat-shaped bread with a buttery-cheese filling, though meat can also be added. Greek Kaseri cheese is best, but if you can't get this, then use a yellow cheese that melts easily.”