Gravlax (marinated salmon)

READY IN: 72hrs 20mins




  • For the salmon, remove all bones with a pair of tweezers, but leave the skin on.
  • Rinse.
  • Mash the dill stems in a mortar with a little of the salt.
  • Mix with the rest of the salt, the sugar and pepper.
  • Save the dill leaves for the sauce.
  • Cover the flesh side of the fillets with the mixture, and place the fillets flesh-to-flesh in a tray made of glass or stainless steel.
  • Cover with plastic foil and put a heavy weight on top (e. g. the mortar or a brick).
  • Keep refrigerated for 72 hours, turning the fillets every 12 hours.
  • Do not discard the liquid that forms.
  • Scrape off the spices and discard the liquid.
  • The salmon will keep refrigerated for about a week.
  • For the sauce, mix mustard, sugar and vinegar.
  • Add the oil a little at the time (as for mayonnaise), constantly stirring.
  • Just before serving, add lots of dill and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Slice the salmon with a sharp, flexible knife in big, thin slices parallell to the skin.
  • Arrange the ice-cold salmon on lettuce leaves with slices of lemon.
  • Serve the sauce separately.
  • Also serve toasted bread and butter.