Grapefruit Mousse

Recipe by Marlitt
READY IN: 5hrs




  • Peel or cut the skin off one grapefruit so that there is none of the white inner skin on the fruit.
  • Then section the grapefruit and take the meat out of eat individual section, discard the membrane ( try to take out in one piece if possible), put on a small plate and set aside.
  • Soften the geletin in a bowl of cold water.
  • Wash the lime well under hot water.
  • With a zester try to zest long thin stips off the skin off the lime (or use a knife, to be used to decorate the dish).
  • Juice the lime and the second grapefuit into a medium bowl.
  • Add the quark and honey and mix well.
  • Whip the cream and vanilla sugar, fold into the cheese mixture.
  • Take the softened gelatin out of the water and put into a small pot with 3 tbsps water and heat until gelatin is desolved.
  • Pour the gelatin into the grapefruit cream mixture stir well.
  • Then refrigerate for 10-15 minute to slightly gelled.
  • In the meantime beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks.
  • Take the grapefruit cream out of the fridge and fold the egg white foam into the mixture.
  • Rinse 4 jelly molds or coffee cups with cold water.
  • Pour the mixture into jelly molds.
  • Put the molds into the fridge for 4 hours until set.
  • To serve, demold the mousse onto serving dishes and decorate with the set aside grapefruit and lime zest.
  • Enjoy.