Grape Leaves-Canning Recipe

Recipe by Diana Adcock
READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 3 quarts




  • Pick grape leaves that are young, tender, and light green in color.
  • Cut off stems and wash in cold water.
  • In a large pot-6 quart or larger-bring water to a boil.
  • Drop in leaves 12 at a time.
  • Cook for 30 seconds, remove and plunge in ice cold water.
  • Pat dry and stack 6 in each pile.
  • Roll stack and tie with string.
  • Bring the 1 quart water to a full rolling boil with the salt.
  • Boil 5 minutes.
  • Pack rolls of leaves in sterile, hot quart jars.
  • (about 6 rolls per jar-and I remove the string).
  • Pour hot brine over leaves, removing bubbles and leaving 1/8 inch head space.
  • Seal and process in a boiling water bath 15 minutes at altitudes up to 1000 feet sea level.
  • Consult chart for higher elevations.
  • *It should be noted that this recipe says you can keep the string on-I did not.
  • **To use open jar, remove rolls needed, rinse leaves in cold water and use.
  • Store remaining leaves with their brine in the fridge.