Grandma's Apple Butter

"This is the best recipe for Apple Butter that I have ever made. My Grandma taught me how to make this years ago. Posting so that I will never lose it! I am not exactly sure on the exact yield - it's been a while since I've made this."
photo by janie_430 photo by janie_430
photo by janie_430
photo by Jenni M. photo by Jenni M.
Ready In:
9hrs 30mins
6 1/2 pint jars




  • Place apples in crock pot; cook on high for 4-1/2 hours (covered).
  • After 4-1/2 hours stir and add remaining ingredients. Cook for another 4-1/2 hours with NO lid.
  • Stir and seal in jars.
  • *Can seal in hot water bath or top with paraffin.

Questions & Replies

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  1. laevans0402
    I accidentally put 2 tablespoons of cinnamon instead of one. Di you thibk it will be ok or do i need to add more apples? I have made one batch last week and it turned out great Thanks
  2. Luther R.
    Hello my name is Luther my mother used to make apple butter when I was a kid my grandmother made apple butter now I'm going to try to make apple butter there is no trees that has good apples on it where I live what is the best apple that I can buy to make apple butter
  3. eagleslady73
    Water bath for how long?
  4. drjejo24
    I am trying to cut back on sugar and just wondered if I could use half the sugar and a sugar subsitute. Thank You
  5. Wendy M.
    What kind of apples did you use in this apple butter? thank you!


  1. K9 Owned
    I have only had Apple Butter once or twice (Commercial) and wasn't wowed by it. I was gifted with a little over 1/2 bushel of apples and went scrambling for things to make with them. I have to say that this recipe is the BOMB! I made it exactly as directed and at the end used a stick blender to make it smooth. I licked the spoon then sat down with the crock pot and a rubber spatula and ate every little bit of the remains in the crock pot. Crusty bits too. :) Sweet but not too sweet - this is THE perfect recipe for Apple Butter!! Thanks for sharing your Grandmother's recipe with us.
  2. janie_430
    This is a really tasty apple butter. The only thing I did different was I ran the apple butter when it was all cooked through my processor to help smooth it some. Mine chunks did not all cook up smooth. All in all, easy and very delicious!!
  3. Marilyn H.
    I really love this apple butter recipe. My whole family loves it. Everyone I give a jar to, always comes back to me and wants the recipe. This one is a winner!!! Well done!!!
  4. cdchamp
    This was the best apple butter--so easy!!
  5. Jenni M.
    I made this recipe yesterday I doubled it so it filled my crock pot and I have to say this is the absolute best Apple butter I have ever made! No more searching for different recipes this one is a keeper!
    • Review photo by Jenni M.



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