Good 'n Plenty Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-Fly Pie

"Truly one of my favorite desserts ever! This recipe comes from the AMAZING Good 'N Plenty Family Restaurant in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. Bar none, my favorite restaurant ANYWHERE. (And I get around!) Try this, and prepare to be amazed by the delicious, gooey/crumbly, SWEET richness! One of the characteristics of a traditional Shoo-Fly pie is a crumbly, messy, almost floury crust on top...I understand that all tastes are different, and for that, I'm sorry you and DH didn't like it, Sistah. :("
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Ready In:




  • Preheat oven to 350ºF.
  • Liquid:

  • Dissolve baking soda in water.
  • Stir in molasses and one beaten egg (take care not to scramble the egg, tempering it is advised.).
  • Crumbs:

  • Mix flour, shortening, brown sugar, salt and cinnamon.
  • Form the mixture into crumbs.
  • Pour the liquid mixture in an unbaked pie shell, then add the crumbs to the top and bake for 30 minutes.

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  1. Served it New Year's Day but it was a flop. I followed everything to the T but the floured crumbs sunk in the very thin liquid filling. After the 30 mins were up, I check the pie and it was still very undone so I kept it in 10 mins more. The pie was mushy and bitter. The molasses was a freshly bought one so I know that was not the problem. Not sure what I did wrong.
  2. Made this pie after having a serious craving for Good N' Plenty's Shoo Fly Pie! I live in NY so just making my way over to Lancaster wasn't the most feasible idea. <br/><br/>This pie tastes almost exactly like the pie I remember!! Even served it with ice cream, made it so much better.<br/><br/>The only difference was that I used 1tsp of Vanilla extract, since I kept reading that this pie was too bitter or had a funny taste. The only way I would change this pie in the future would be to maybe bake it with a different crust, something like graham or maybe even chocolate.
  3. This is what shoo fly pie is supposed to taste like. I think maybe modern tastes are used to simpler tasting sweeteners rather than the complex taste of molasses, such as corn syrup and refined white sugar. I remember eating at the Good n Plenty with my family when I was little -- we always had shoo fly pie and ice cream for dessert. This is the real deal, thanks for posting!
  4. This the same recipe I have served my husband for many years. My recipe came from a booklet I bought at the Good 'N Plenty Family Restaurant! This is not a sweet pie and is a bit like liver - either you adore it (like my DH) or you don't (me). My problem is an allergy to the molasses. This is the only pie I make that my DH goes back for a 2nd piece and a glass of milk at bedtime. Good find GoodMorningBurger!
  5. This was so easy to prepare! Very quick, and although I don't like molasses, I had every intention of making it for my husband who was born and raised near Lancaster PA. He LOVED it! Kept doing the Mmmmm... this tastes just like I remember! So thank you for a great recipe that takes him back to his childhood! :) I'll definitely make it again for him!


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