Gomae - Japanese Style Spinach Salad

Recipe by Chef floWer
READY IN: 5mins




  • Toast sesame seeds until slightly brown, you will smell the scent of the sesame seeds when it’s ready.
  • Reserve small amount of the sesame seed for the garnish.
  • Place the rest on a plate and crush (you could do this in a processor as well), then place in a bowl.
  • Add water, soy, sugar into the bowl with the sesame seed. (If you are using the food processor then add these ingredients into the processor). Set aside until Spinach is ready.
  • To cook the spinach: Add a pinch of salt into a pot of boiling hot water. Mix then add spinach for one minute (ONLY ONE MINUTE or the recipe is ruined).
  • Pour the spinach and water into a colander and run cold tap water to cool down the spinach, this will stop it from cooking more.
  • Squish the spinach with your hands, until all the moister is out of the spinach (you are only left with a small hand full of spinach).
  • Cut spinach into strips (You could skip this part).
  • Place spinach onto serving bowls and drizzle the dressing onto the spinach, then add reserved sesame seed as garnish.
  • Enjoy Chef floWers Gomae - Japanese Style Spinach Salad.
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