Goldilock's Porridge

"Topped with cream and a dusting of brown sugar, this luscious combination of barley, oats and golden raisins is irresistible."
photo by Bayhill photo by Bayhill
photo by Bayhill
Ready In:
8hrs 5mins




  • Spray small crockpot with cooking spray.
  • Place all ingredients in the crockpot and stir together.
  • Cook overnight or for 8-9 hours. If crockpot has a temperature setting, use low.

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  1. Loved it! Made in my little crockpot and it was just right, not too sweet and the barley adds a lovely texture to the oatmeal. Thanks Lauren!
  2. I ended up with scorched porridge and I suspect that there isn't quite enough liquid in this recipe. The 3 year old tried it but then asked for weetbix, the 6 year old wasn't game. The cat and dog still haven't eaten the rejected stuff. I ate mine and it was quite good although the barley didn't cook as well as expected. I was a bit disappointed with the result given that the recipe sounded quite promising. I think the ingredients are good but that this recipe needs some serious tweaking.
  3. 3 stars. Personally, I'd give this recipe 4 stars - it was very good. But, my children didn't enjoy it half as much as I did and, ultimately, I'm cooking for a family, not just myself. Having said that - I really enjoyed the addition of barley to this recipe - it provided a nice chew. I liked the fact that is was not too sweet and allowed for sugar to be supplemented at table. The 'edges' of the porridge did get a little scorched, but just slightly. Also the ease of preparation could not be faulted - get everything together in the crockpot and waking up to a hot, healthy breakfast. I think timing may have to do a lot with the success (or not) of this recipe as it is hearty and more suited to a colder time of year. I thought everything worked well together, and the porridge was fluffy and needed nothing more than a slurp of cream, for me, to get it to table. I will definitely try this on my family again in the winter - maybe it was just their reaction to oatmeal in high-summer. Very good attempt, Chef.
  4. *Made for RSC #10* Delicious!! I love recipes that can be made the night before and are ready to eat in the morning. This porridge was quick and easy to put together and has a wonderful flavor, reminiscent of gingerbread. We loved the chewiness of the barley and the crunchiness of the pecans. My family loved this and gave it 2-thumbs up. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe which I will be making is definitely a keeper! Good luck in the contest.
  5. I hate to give a 1-star, but in the contest I don’t have any other option. I wanted to make this recipe for our Sunday breakfast because it sounds like it should be delicious. I had all the ingredients ready. Unfortunately, I can’t be sure HOW to make it because the description and the directions don’t match. The description says, “Topped with cream and a dusting of brown sugar,� but the directions say, “Place all ingredients in the crockpot and stir together,� so I am left wondering what to do with the cream and brown sugar. Do I ignore the description and stir it all in? Do I ignore the instructions and make the porridge with everything except the cream and brown sugar, then pass those at the table? Do I take a guess and stir together the other stuff then pour the cream overtop and sprinkle on the brown sugar before cooking? ????? I hope the author clarifies this after the contest because I still want to try it one weekend.


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