• Peel potatoes and boil until they are soft (about 30 minutes). Retain hot water for use later.
  • While still warm, press through a potato ricer into a large mixing bowl.
  • Reheat water use to boil potatoes and return to a boil. Set up ice bath with 6 cups ice and 6 cups water near boiling water.
  • Make well in center of riced potatoes and pour flour on the potatoes.
  • Make a well in the middle of the flour using the back of the measuring scoop. Place egg and salt in center of well and using a fork, stir into flour and potatoes.
  • Once egg is mixed in, kneading gently until a ball is formed. Knead gently until fully blended and ball is dry to touch.
  • Roll baseball-sized ball of dough into 3/4-inch diameter dowels.
  • If desired, create a crease down the middle of each dowel.
  • Cut dowels into 1-inch long pieces.
  • Drop these pieces into boiling water and cook until they float (about 1 minute). Make sure not to put more than a single layer worth of gnocchi in the water at a time.
  • As gnocchi float to top of boiling water, remove them to ice bath using a slotted spoon.
  • Only put the amount of one potful in the ice bath at a time. As the next batch of gnocchi forms, remove gnocchi from ice bath and place on a cooling rack or paper towel.
  • Continue with remaining dough, forming dowels, cutting into 1-inch pieces and cooking until all dough is used.
  • Once all the gnocchi is cooked, heat a large pan to medium-high heat. Melt a tablespoon of butter in the pan, and toss half of the gnocchi to coat with melted butter. Heat in the pan until one side browns, then flip over using tongs. Continue cooking until the other side browns, then move gnocchi back to the cooling rack. Once the pan is emptied, melt the other tablespoon of butter in the pan and repeat with remaining gnocchi.
  • Once the gnocchi cools, place in a sealed container with wax paper to separate layers of gnocchi.
  • Top with my pesto sauce ( or tomato sauce (