Gluten Free " Like Campbells " Tomato Soup

"This recipe is as easy as opening a can of commercial tomato soup! The flavour is the about the same and everyone loves it! It can be used just as soup or in casseroles calling for tomato soup."
photo by christinehbean photo by christinehbean
photo by christinehbean
photo by christinehbean photo by christinehbean
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  • In a saucepan on stove, stir ingredients together.
  • Heat until at the boiling point.
  • If you like a "thinner" soup add a little water or more milk.
  • Serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Gary N.
    Mine was full of thick cheesey like strings. Used fat free milk, not expired. Followed directions


  1. TrisaKay
    As written, I really didn't care for this recipe. It lacked flavor. However, once I added one large chicken bullion cube (reduced sodium) and 3 or four pinches of sugar and a pinch of kosher salt, it was almost just like campbells. I also like the canned stuff with water better, so I reduced the liquid a bit and used half water and half milk just like I do with the canned stuff. It was great!!! I would also recommend not adding garlic or onion like some people suggest on other recipes as it messes with the texture. This recipe is a great starting point. From now on, I can buy a $.44 can of paste instead of two $.70 can of soup. This is deffinately a keeper!
  2. ukichix
    Thank you!! Who would have thought GF/Celiac friendly tomato soup could be so easy and so good! True to it's word... this soup is "Like Campbells"
  3. gf free to b me
    I tried this recipe adding half milk, half water, a little salt and a little chicken bullion. It did taste a lot like Campbells but my soup also curdled.
  4. Austeneyre
    This is a nice starting point, but I found it tastier with TrisaKay's suggestions. For recipes that require the condensed version, I like using 6 oz. tomato paste, 6 oz. water, 1/2 t. salt, 1 t. sugar, and 1/2 t. Better than Bouillon Reduced Sodium Chicken Base (you could substitute bouillon, but you may want to get ride of the salt in the recipe if you do).
  5. SavedbyGrace
    Wonderful soup with grilled cheese sanwiches! Very simple and cheap, definitely a keeper! It is a little bit plain for those who like more flavor, but this is a great basic recipe to play with. Thanks!!


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