Gluten-Free, No-Bake Lemon Yogurt Pie

"This is the most simple pie I ever made... It got rave reviews, though. So if you want something refreshing, inexpensive, gluten free and fast, make this! I prefer unsweetened corn flakes, coconut oil and 85 % chocolate, but if you want it a bit sweeter, you can also use sweetened corn flakes and semi sweet chocolate. Depending on the fat and chocolate you use, the pie crust will be more or less hard; I found it best to layer the bottom of the spring form with non stick baking paper, so you can easily slip the pie onto an even plate. Use a sharp pointed knife to cut it. Cooking time is chilling time."
photo by Diana Yen photo by Diana Yen
photo by Diana Yen
photo by Diana Yen photo by Diana Yen
photo by Diana Yen photo by Diana Yen
photo by PaulaG photo by PaulaG
photo by PaulaG photo by PaulaG
Ready In:
4hrs 25mins
1 10 inch spring form




  • pie crust:

  • lightly crush the corn flakes in a plastic bag.
  • slowly melt butter or coconut oil in a bain-marie, then add chocolate, stirring constantly until everything is melted and blended.
  • dump corn flakes into the melted chocolate, mix well until all corn flakes are covered with the chocolate mixture.
  • layer bottom of a 10 inch spring form with non stick baking paper, lighty grease the ring and pour batter into the form, press down and smooth with the back of a tablespoon.
  • refrigerate for 2 or three hours.
  • filling:

  • dissolve gelatine according to package directions.
  • in a medium bowl, mix yoghurt, sugar and lemon juice.
  • mix dissolved gelatine with some of the yoghurt, then stir into rest of the yoghurt.
  • wait till yoghurt starts to thicken, then whip cream until it forms peaks and carefully fold into yoghurt.
  • carefully stir in flaked coconut.
  • pour onto chilled crust, smooth with back of a spoon and refrigerate for another two hours.
  • finely chop semisweet or dark chocolate and sprinkle over chilled pie.
  • carefully remove spring form ring and serve chilled.
  • enjoy!

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  1. PaulaG
    You are so right, this is a very simple pie. Very refreshing and not overly sweet. I used regular corn flakes for the crust. I added in some additional coconut and since only had a small amount left, I opted to toast it and sprinkle over the pie. Using parchment paper really makes removal and plating so much easier. My DH said I could make this again anytime. Thanks Mia.


  1. Tydyebaby11
    This looks so good i could have this for a party



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