Globally Inspired: Fully Loaded Rolled Mashed Potatoes

Recipe by joeyadante
READY IN: 32mins




  • Preparation:
  • Cook the bacon ahead of time. Fry until crispy, and create little bacon bits to suit your preferred size and texture for the topping.
  • Filling:
  • Cook the Simply Potatoes Traditional Mashed Potatoes according to the directions on the package. Once heated and ready to eat, you must add the other filling ingredients to the mashed potatoes. The cream and butter add just that extra traditional flavor and keep the potatoes very moist. Mix all the filling ingredients together.
  • Spring Rolls:
  • I like use fresh spring roll wrappers about 4 inches wide x 6 inches long, however it is up to you how big or small you want your rolls to be. Add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the mashed potato mix to each spring roll. Roll the spring roll. Secure the ends by adding a bit of water to one end and firmly pressing down onto the other end. Repeat until you have either no more mashed potato mix, or no more spring roll wrappers.
  • Cook:
  • I prefer to use a deep pan. Add enough olive oil to fill 4 inches of the bottom of the pan. Heat olive oil until it starts to bubble. Add a few spring rolls at a time to the oil, cook for about 1 minute on each side. The trick is, you want the wrapper to stay somewhat soft and easy to bite into. Frying for more than a minute or two will make the wraps too crunchy. Drain the rolls by placing them onto paper towels.
  • Assemble Fully Loaded Rolled Mashed Potatoes:
  • Place the potato rolls on a serving plate. Here is where you can get fancy. Garnish with sour cream, green onion, cooked bacon, sundried tomatoes, and shredded goat cheese.
  • I promise, you will LOVE it! Enjoy!