Glazed Pecans

"Adapted from Pampered Chef's Season's Best. I love these pecans on a spinach salad with strawberries and feta... mmmmm! I've also been known to eat them all before they get on the salad!"
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photo by SrtaMaestra
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  • Combine brown sugar, butter, corn syrup and salt in a large skillet.
  • Stir over medium heat until butter is melted.
  • Add pecans and cook, stirring constantly, for 5-7 minutes. Make sure pecans are all coated evenly.
  • Spread pecans in single layer on parchment paper and cool completely.

Questions & Replies

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  2. So, I've just made these and am waiting for them to cool. Question--is it really 2 teaspoons of butter, not 2 tablespoons? I've never had a recipe call for teaspoons of butter. We'll see what they taste like when they're cool. I'm trying to replicate Cheddar's glazed pecans that they put on their salad. Yum!
  3. I want to make a lot of these glazed pecans. If I want to make four times the amount that the recipe calls for, do I simply use four times the amount of sugar, butter, corn syrup, and salt?


  1. So i was sitting around with my daughter and thinking to myself, boy am i hungry, low and behold i had a bag of left over pecans from the pie my mother in law made for thanks giving. So i jumped on Google and stumbled across this recipe. Checked my pantry and i had every thing i needed. So i put my baby in her high chair and we went to work whipping up this quick and easy glaze. Now i'm really bad in the kitchen and can only make a hand full of stuff but this was so easy i want to put it on all kinds of stuff (mostly nuts). I have been eating them as they slowly cool and they just keep getting better, no idea how long they are going to last on the counter while they set, hopefully my wife will get off work before i eat them all.
  2. I used to work in a candy store and this recipe is very similar to how we used to make our glazed pecans, albeit in a much smaller batch. For those who would like some tips: 1) you can up the butter to 1 tablespoon if getting 2 teaspoons is too much trouble. Ideally you want a close butter-corn syrup ratio so don't go over 1 tbsp. 2) you can do this in a smaller pot instead of a large skillet. 1 cup does not make that much, and having a smaller pot will allow the pecans to be submerged in the glaze at it cooks, giving them a more even coat without having to constantly turn them over. 3) don't use wax paper. Instead use a cheap plastic container that you plan to store them in. If you cool them on waxpaper, they will get stuck to the paper. We used to make massive batches and would just dump our straight into the buckets that we stored ours in before bagging them up. I do recommend using a utensil to break up the pecans every few minutes as it cools, or it'll all stick together in one giant clump. We used to mix ours with super heat-resistant gloves, but for a batch this small a fork even dull knife works great. 4) for simple clean up, fill the pot/skillet you used with water and bring to boil. The heat will cook off the remaining candy, then just simply pour the water down the drain. You can also toss in any utensils you used.
  3. Very easy to make very good it is easier to separate with your fingers before it completely cools. Never use wax paper it get stuck to the pecans.
  4. Delish..remember to seperate with fork while still hot so you do not end up with just a glob....
  5. This was fast and delicious!!! I don't see why spend 55 them as per other recipes for glazed pecans!


  1. I made it as is !!!


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