Gingerbread Train - Works Well With a Gingerbread House.

"This is a great gift idea, fairly simple to make and loads of fun to decorate! You can paint on letters on each carriage to form a name or just do an extra long train to have at a birthday party. Great addition to gingerbread house(s) to make a whole gingerbread village! **I use self-raising flour for this as it makes a more "bubble-like" 3D train but you can use plain.** THIS RECIPE MAKES GOOEY GINGERBREAD not hard!** This will make a very long train!!"
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  • Melt the butter, add golden syrup and 2 drops of vanilla.
  • Stir in the brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and egg.
  • Add the flour, seived, bit by bit. When it starts to become a very stiff mixture you may find it easier to use your hands. Keep adding flour until the dough is ready to be handled.
  • Sprinkle flour over your work space and roll out the dough to about 1/2 inch thickness.
  • Cut out your train shape. (Tip: draw onnto card and use as template) you do't need to add wheels so a smaller rectangle on top of another rectacle is sufficient.
  • Cut out your carriages.
  • Bake these on a greased tray with space in between as they will expand. Bake for approx 10 minutes. Until edges are golden. Remove and cool on wire rack.
  • Make thick icing and spread along your plate/tray/serving platter. This will hold the train in place.
  • Place the train into the icing and add the wine gums for wheels.
  • Prepare 3 smaller amounts of icing in seperate bowls, with a lighter consistancy and add colorings.This is for decorating the tops of your carriages with cargo, or adding icing letters.
  • Decorate the train, platter, icing etc however you like with spinkles, silver balls etc.

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