Ginger Cinnamon Tea

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  • In a saucepan, simmer ginger, honey, cinnamon, and water for 20 minutes. Simmer longer for stronger tea.
  • Add honey or sugar and srain tea through a sieve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Michelle Q.
    I have a bottle of squeezable ginger. How do I use it to make ginger tea?
  2. Margaret M.
    How can I prepare the tea with cinnamon and ginger


  1. Glori-B
    This has become "my" tea now! I've modified the recipe a little. I cut down the ginger a bit as it was quite strong and I upped the cinnamon sticks to 4 (I use Ceylon Cinnamon rather than the usual Saigon Cinnamon and I make two batches from 1 set of ingredients). It is sweet without sugar that way. Great hot or over ice .... it's been 95 degrees here, so I've had plenty of opportunity to test the recipe!! Thank you for sharing janem123!
  2. Pauline S.
    Hi, After using lemon and ginger tea or room temperature for two weeks before going to bed and when I get up in the morning, my belly went down a lot. I decided to just use ginger and cinnamon tea for the first time for the health benefits. I felt I was getting too much acidic benefit from the lemon for too long, so I decided to cut down a bit. The ginger and cinnamon tea was OK the first cup. After couple of hours the tea became too strong the Cinnamon over powered the ginger and it did not taste good any more so I eat a 1/2 tsp honey, which helped my blood sugar and take away the overpowering tast. I did not add the honey to the tea because it was said it would loose its benefits in hot water. I would put some honey in my mouth then sip on the tea, so I would get all the benefits from the ingredients. Next time making the tea I will put more ginger and after a while when the cinnamon stick soke maybe about one and half hour then remove it and enjoy the tea.
    • Review photo by Pauline S.
  3. Tina and Dave
    This is great! Added lemongrass and a dash of rose water whilst it simmered. My partner, who's trying to cut back on coffee, thinks it's delicious too! Thanks!
  4. Letty B.
    Yes! Soo deliciou and relaxing in the morning i love it's aroma and taste i can totally replace coffe with this! ??
    • Review photo by Letty B.
  5. UmmBinat
    This was very strong in flavour and but I think it was healthy for my tummy. I did steep covered for 20 minutes. I felt it needed to be sweetened with more honey to make it taste better because of the ginger being so strong. I'm sure ginger can very in potency so maybe that is why. I added the lemon slice to the tea after tasting it without. I did not squeeze it but did it for the health benefits also. I won't make this again. Made for Comfort Cafe - Snow Queens Round 01/10.



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