Ga Lui (skewered five spice chicken)

"Recipe by Nicole Routhier, found in "Classic Cooks". The marinade and chilli sauce is to-die-for! Prep time includes marinating time. You can baste with marinade when grilling the skewers. Can also do without skewers; just don't cut chicken too small."
Ga Lui (skewered five spice chicken) created by WaterMelon
Ready In:
1hr 50mins



  • Place all marinade ingredients in food processor and blend till pureed.
  • Transfer to large mixing bowl.
  • Cut each chicken breast half lengthways into 4 strips.
  • Lightly pound the strips to 1 cm/half inch thick using meat mallet or flat side of cleaver.
  • Cut the strips in half and add to marinade.
  • Toss well to coat with marinade.
  • Cover and leave to marinate at room temperature for 1 hour or overnight in fridge.
  • Soak 48 bamboo skewers in salted hot water for 30mins.
  • Prepare the barbeque or preheat grill.
  • Thread a slice of chicken on to each skewer.
  • Grill each skewer, turning once, until chicken is browned on both sides and cooked through, about 3-4mins.
  • Serve immediately, with chilli dipping sauce.
  • Chilli Dipping Sauce: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Stir to dissolve sugar.
  • Transfer to jar, cover and store in fridge up to a week, if not using immediately.
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"Hi everyone! I'm addicted to recipezaar - there are so many things that I love about this site; the wonderful people, recipes, lots of great pictures and there's always someone who'll answer my cooking/baking/general question. I grew up in Malaysia, but now live in sunny Singapore. Both are beautiful tropical (read: HOT!) countries in Southeast Asia. There are so many good food here, especially ethnic stuff like spicy Malaysian curries (which will clear the worst blocked nose), flaky & crispy Indian roti paratha/canai, homey Chinese stir-fries, rich & decadent Asian desserts like kuih lapis (Malay many-layers cake), pineapple tarts, crumbly peanut cookies etc. <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">"

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  1. hannahs dad
  2. Mrs. DeVelopment
    Everyone liked this except for me... I did not make the dipping sauce because I simply ran out of time. Will make again with sauce and see if that doesn't do the trick for me. 9 other people thought it was great!
  3. BonnieZ
    Excellent flavor to this chicken. I did marinate the chicken overnight and forgot to make the dipping sauce. We actually didn't miss it one bit. Served with rice and Cucumber Asian Salad #75231. Thank you WaterMelon for sharing the recipe. It is one I am sure to return to.
  4. NumNum
    I made these for dinner tonight and boy were they good! My non-adventurous mum who is a great fussy eater, casually commented that it was good. After dinner she gave instructions to save the left over marinade for use in tomorrow's meat dish and keep the dipping sauce too. NOW THAT'S an endorsement worthy of 5 stars!
  5. lucy k.
    A bit time-consuming to make, but with good results. Chicken was very tender with unique flavour. I served with #12563, Szechuan Bok Choy.

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