Frozen Festive Vodka or Tequila Bottles With Herbs and Berries

Recipe by French Tart
READY IN: 6hrs


  • 1
    (700 ml) tequila or (700 ml) liquor, of your choice
  • 1
    liter water, bottle
  • fruit slices
  • holly and berries
  • fresh edible flower


  • Cut the top off a 1 litre plastic bottle, pop a 700ml bottle of vodka, tequila or whatever you fancy in there. Fill inside the plastic bottle with water then shove leaves, sprigs of herbs, holly branches and berries, and sliced fruits all around the side. Stand this carefully in the freezer and leave it for a few hours so everything freezes around the bottle.
  • When you're ready to serve it, simply run the sleeve quickly under a tap then slide it off. You'll have a perfect ice wrap around the bottle to keep it cold for the night - and look gorgeous!