Fresh Mint, Lemon & Yoghurt Ice Cream

READY IN: 7hrs 20mins


  • 1 14
    cups tightly packed mint leaves, plus extra mint leaves to garnish
  • 12
    cup lemon juice, strained
  • 2
    cups Greek yogurt
  • 12
    cup thickened cream, lightly whipped till it forms soft peaks


  • Place the sugar and 2 cups (500ml) of cold water in a saucepan over a medium heat and cook, stirring constantly, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Stop stirring, then increase the heat to medium-high and bring the syrup to the boil.
  • Return the heat to medium and simmer for 12 minutes, occasionally using a brush dipped in cold water to brush down the sides of the pan and to remove any sugar crystals (they are otherwise likely to make the syrup cloudy).
  • Remove from the heat and leave to cool, then pour the mixture into a container and chill.
  • Place the chilled syrup in a blender with mint and lemon juice. Blend at a high speed until the mint is very finely chopped.
  • Place the yoghurt in a large bowl and whisk well until it is smooth, then fold in the whipped cream. Add the syrup and whisk to combine.
  • If you have an ice cream maker, churn the mixture in it. Otherwise, pour it into a large, stainless-steel bowl and freeze for about 3 hours or until frozen 5cm (2 inches) from the edge.
  • Remove the bowl from the freezer and use a whisk or hand-held beaters to give the ice cream a really good whisk, breaking up ice crystals and smoothing it out.
  • Repeat these freezing and whisking steps once more. (For an even smoother texture, repeat these steps a few more times).
  • Pack the ice cream into a container, cover it tightly and freeze it at least overnight or until it is firm.
  • Serve the ice cream with extra mint.