Freezing Eggs

Recipe by GypsyWinds
READY IN: 35mins




  • Items Needed:
  • Eggs.
  • Ziplock Bags, various sizes.
  • Permanent Markers.
  • Freezing eggs will allow you to keep them for up to 1 yr. But they must be taken out of the shell. When freezing the eggs they will no longer work for a Fried Egg - seems to take away the "pretty" shape.
  • Results are best when the eggs are beaten before freezing, allowing for a smoother product when thawed before use.
  • Personal Recommendations of freezing in groups of 2 - 3 - 6 & 12 eggs per bag. Instructions for freezing individually below.
  • Pre-made mixes such as cakes often call for 2 - 3 eggs.
  • Batters such as for pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, baked egg dishes often need 6 or more eggs.
  • The packages of 12 eggs would be for large families.
  • Label ziplock bags PRIOR to filling, making sure to mark the NUMBER of eggs in the bag along with the DATE. (Month & Year is fine).
  • Fill the bags with the number required, and carefully press out all the excess air possible.
  • Lay filled bags flat in deep tray and place in freezer. When frozen place individual bags of same amount into GALLON size or HUGE ziplock bags, to keep the amounts more organized.
  • Once the bags are frozen they will be easy to stand up side by side with zippers upright.
  • TO FREEZE 1 EGG AT TIME - Beat egg lightly and place in ice-cube trays sprayed slightly with non-stick spray. When frozen, pop out cube and place in ziplock bag.
  • TO USE:
  • Place the amount of eggs needed in the REFRIGERATOR 24-48 hours PRIOR to use.
  • If there still appears to be thick "globs" in the egg, a quick spin in the blender will smooth them out, or a good whisk.
  • Use as you would normally from the shell.
  • *note*.
  • I have seen instructions stating that salt or sugar MUST be added when freezing eggs. I personally have NEVER done that, and after 15 yrs of using the above system MONTHLY, I have safely raised 7 children, not to mention several "strays" that chose to live with us for months at a time. There has NEVER been a problem at all!
  • Servings & Time to Make:
  • This will vary on how much you decide to put up. Once you have a smooth system, very little time is involved.
  • I have learned to use my Magic Bullet - ( THE best countertop equipment that I will ALWAYS have in my kitchen ) to give them a quick beat, and find the little spout great when pouring. I also place my ziplock bags upright in a BIG coffee cup so that it does not tip over!
  • --------- For those suffering from * S E Y F E W S *
  • (Separating Egg Yolks From Egg Whites Syndrome ).
  • Just mark the bags accordingly. Perhaps a good Meringue is just around the corner -- maybe you want a really extra rich yellow cake or toss the extra "whites" or "yolks" into the next giant omelette or pancake mix.
  • I have not tried it yet -- but I stumbled across recipe # 376260 Toasted Meringue Almond Clouds by Chef mariajane tonight, and that will be my next egg white usage!