Four Alarm Chili

"Everyone has their own chili recipe or a variation of someone else's. Heck, there are probably already TWO on this site that could be just like this one. I have been making this chili for more than 25 years. The ingredients have been tweaked here and there over the years until I found just the right flavor and this is it! All I know is when I make a pot of this chili, there are never any leftovers. Like any recipe, if you leave out or change an ingredient, it doesn't come out the same way. Try it this way, then go ahead and create your own version. If you like your chili really hot, instead of hot sauce use Recipe #88224. But most of all just ENJOY IT!"
Four Alarm Chili created by Red Hot Chili Peppe
Ready In:
1hr 10mins
8 6ounce servings




  • Lightly oil the bottom of a 3-quart pot with olive oil and lightly sauté the onions, peppers and garlic. Do not brown.
  • Add the ground sirloin and brown. Do not drain off fat; this adds to flavor of the chili.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients and the hot sauce in the warm water and stir until well dissolved.
  • Pour this seasoned water mixture into the meat, peppers, garlic and onions.
  • Add the beans and the tomatoes and green chilies.
  • Mix to blend all items. Bring to a gentle boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour, stirring occasionally.
  • Serve with bread or crackers.
  • *** If you want your chilli a bit more spiceier try adding a couple diced up habanerro peppers seeds and all.

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  1. tracytrebilcox
    This is the one I use for my base, and then toss in a handful of pequins and about a half-dozen of ghost peppers. When I have them, I've also used a couple of Scotch Bonnets. Now it's just to wait and see if we have any Carolina Reapers this year because that will add a different flavor to it.
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppe
    Four Alarm Chili Created by Red Hot Chili Peppe
  3. frycook
    THIS IS THE BEST CHILI I have ever tasted!! It has a great taste and the aroma just fills the kitchen when you are letting it simmer. Though I am not a big fan of the hot peppers I did try it using only 2 of the habanero peppers with the green bell peppers. Thanks Red for a great bowl(s) of chili.
  4. Barb Roeser
    This was by far the best chili I ever made! I brought it to work to share with others but there was only one brave person that would try it. Will definitely make it again - adding less habenaros. It was a little too hot for me and my family.
  5. sugarpea
    A great combination of chili ingredients but I'm pepper coward so I used 1/2 of all the peppers listed and that was just right for me.



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