Forty Four

Recipe by Annacia
READY IN: 1056hrs
YIELD: 26 ounces




  • Get a large, clean glass jar (with a mouth large enough to fit the orange into) that you can tightly close.
  • Wash the orange to remove any dirt, dust or wax.
  • With a sharp tipped paring knife make 44 evenly spaced slits in the orange.
  • Fully insert a coffee bean into each slit.
  • Put 44 sugar cubes into the glass jar.
  • Put the orange into the jar.
  • Pour all of the Vodka into the jar (yes, I said all of it, no tibbling yet!).
  • Shake or swirl the jar gently until the sugar is about half dissolved.
  • Stash the jar in a dark, cool place that your not going into a lot.
  • Gently (you don't want to bruise the orange) shake or swirl the jar daily for 44 days.