Foolproof Roast Beef and Vegetable

"This is a fool-proof recipe for medium-rare beef. It has never failed me. Adjust time accordingly if you want it rare or well done, but only by a minute or two. If the roast size in not an even number (say 4 1/2 lbs) roast for the lesser amount of time if you like it med-rare. Another minute or two for the 1/2 pound is not suggested. Roast time is for a 4 lb roast."
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Ready In:


  • 4 lbs roast
  • 1 small red potatoes, cut in 1/2
  • sweet onion, sliced in quarters
  • carrot, cut into 2 inch pieces
  • garlic pepper seasoning
  • salt
  • oil


  • Place all vegetables in a zip-lock bag.
  • Add enough oil to lightly coat.
  • Remove from bag (I know, I know, this makes sense but one reviewer thought some people might put the entire bag in the oven - insert shocked face) and place vegetables in the roasting pan.
  • Place roast on top of vegetables.
  • Sprinkle roast generously with the garlic pepper (see note below).
  • Sprinkle vegetables with garlic pepper and salt.
  • Roast at 500 degrees (yes 500 degrees) for (7) seven minutes (yes seven) per pound.
  • Roast will be medium-rare.
  • Remove from oven and allow roast sit for 20 minutes or more before carving.
  • Note: It is believed that adding salt to uncooked meat will draw out the juices.
  • I always sprinkle with salt when roast is done.

Questions & Replies

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  1. ItalianMomof2
    This was so good. I admit I was skeptical about the cooking time at first. In the past I used to cook my roast beef at 500 degrees for 5 mintues per pound, then shut the oven off and didn't open the door for 2 hours. The roast was always perfect. But sometimes you don'thave all that time and with bigger roasts it didn't always work perfectly, but this recipe was perfectly cooked! I am sold on this new method. Thank you so much for posting! It's a keeper for sure and the Veggies were to die for! Yum!
  2. maria.monaco
    Nope. I followed the recipe to the T, let it sit for 20 minutes after cooking, and it was cold in the middle. I used a 3.5 lb sirloin tip roast and cooked it for 25 minutes. The vegetables weren't cooked either. I took this leap of faith and ended up having to shove it back in the oven, stick a temperature probe in it and cook it until it was 145 degrees in the center. Not sure why this recipe is still posted or why others rated it so favorably. I laughed a little when I read the part of the recipe that said to put the vegetables in a ziploc bag, coat them with oil, put them in the pan then put the roast on top of them without ever saying to take the vegetables out of the bag. Funny to me, but I could see some people thinking that it might work like the turkey bags that don't melt in the oven. Also, when it said to let the roast sit for 20 minutes, I assumed that meant OUTSIDE of the oven. If I was supposed to leave it the oven to finish cooking, well that's a very important detail that was left out.
  3. Calhoon
    Oh Yeah, awesome, just the way I like my beef.I injected a Mesquite marinade in the roast and browned it in a cast iron large container first. GREAT!!!
  4. Lizard1
    This was totally excellent but my roast needed more was still mooing at the recommended time. But it was moist and totally delicious.



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