Flour Tortillas

"Here is a pretty easy way to make your own flour tortillas. They are so good when they're homemade."
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photo by Andi Longmeadow Farm
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  • In a food processor combine 2 3/4 cups of the flour (reserve the remaining flour for rolling out the dough) with the lard or shortening.
  • Pulse several times until the fat is evenly distributed throughout the flour and no particles of fat are visible.
  • Dissolve the salt in 2/3 cup of the warm water.
  • With the machine running, pour the liquid through the feed tube in a steady stream and stop the machine once the dough has come together in a ball.
  • Feel the dough; it should be a medium-stiff consistency, not too firm but not as soft as most bread doughs.
  • If the dough is too stiff, divide it into several pieces, sprinkle with 1 or 2 tablespoons of the remaining water and process again until a ball forms.
  • Divide the dough into 12 portions, roll into balls and place on a flat surface or plate.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and allow dough to rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • On a lightly floured surface roll each ball into a 7-inch circle by flattening the ball of dough, lightly flouring it, and with a rolling pin rolling forward and backward over the dough, then turn it a sixth of a turn and roll forward and backward again.
  • Repeat the turning and rolling process until a 7-inch circle is formed, re-flouring the work surface as necessary.
  • Place the tortilla on a plate and cover with plastic wrap.
  • Repeat the rolling out process for the remaining 11 balls of dough.
  • Heat a flat cast iron griddle over moderately high heat.
  • Lay a tortilla on the griddle and cook for 20 to 45 seconds until tortilla bubbles and lightly browns on the underside.
  • Flip the tortilla and cook it for another 30 to 45 seconds.
  • The tortilla should be lightly browned but still soft and flexible.
  • Transfer the cooked tortilla to a heavy towel and wrap it up.
  • Cook the remaining tortillas in a similar manner and store stacked in the towel to keep them warm and soft.
  • Tortillas can be stored in a sealable plastic bag and refrigerated until ready for use.
  • To reheat the tortillas, tuck them in an"envelope" made out of aluminum foil and heat in a 325°F oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

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  1. Treenickel
    Wow, I was able to make a dozen tortillas for pennies verses over $2.00 a package at the store. these took no time at all and were a hundred times better tasting.DO NOT try to use a regular tortilla press for this. They are made for use with corn tortillas and will possibly break if you use them with this stiff of dough. I used my Kitchen Aid with the wire whisk to mix in the lard and changed to the dough hook for the water. I noticed the resting time takes longer when the house is a little cold. I have made several batches at a time since I noticed these freeze really well
  2. mums the word
    Great money saver! My kids did not believe me that I made my own tortillas. They looked just like the store bought and tasted just as good, if not better. Here's a little tip to use after rolling out the dough and shaping - use a small plate and a pizza cutter to trim the edges to make the tortilla a perfect circle. I was absolutely thrilled with this and I thank you for sharing it.
  3. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    Followed this absolute. Used lard, and it was the way to go. Easy as peezy to put together. Used my Kitchen Aid Mixer (processor gone) (first with my whip, then with the paddle attachment) until dough came together. Rolled out, let sit for about an hour. Was perfect, and used my hand to roll out, and finished with the roller. Not perfect circles, but who cares? It's rustic, and good. No need for perfection here, unless eating. Which it was. Loved it, thanks!
  4. BeachGirl
    I used Crisco and 2 cups whole wheat flour and 1 cup unbleached flour, in place of white flour. They turned out perfectly and have more flavor and fiber than commercial white flour tortillas. Resting the dough made them easy to roll out. I cooked some on a greased griddle and some on an ungreased griddle. Both methods worked well, but the ungreased ones took a little longer to bubble. I'll be using this recipe often to add whole grains to our diet.
  5. Lucky in Bayview
    So quick and easy! I wasn't able to find my usual recipe and thought I would give this one a try. My usual recipe calls for milk and I was out of so I was thrilled that your recipe called for water. I love that the dough can be mixed up so quick in the food processor and it was an easy dough to work with. I needed to add more flour to get the right consistency. I was able to get 14 tortillas and was able to roll them super thin with no problem. I cooked them on an iron skillet and I think they taste best when the bubble turn a little brown. Not too many things are better than homemade tortillas. Thanks so much for sharing this keeper recipe.


  1. mammafishy
    I used to make homemade tortillas all the time when I was a stay at home mom...it has been many years since making them, but I know for a fact, that this recipe is the best one I have ever used. The dough came out perfect using the food processor. I let them sit for 1 1/2 hours only because I couldn't get to them fast enough. The result made for a wonderful dough that rolled out very easy. This ones a keeper!! Thanks for sharing. Note: I have also replaced some of the flour with whole wheat with very good results.
  2. Feej3940
    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I made 2 batches of these. One with all white flour. The other, I substituted 1 1/2 cups of white flour with wheat. Very nice. ***We served these last night. I made them the night before. Before serving, I microwaved & put them between 2 tea towels on top of a heating pad. They stayed warm all night! I loved how simple & easy these were! I used to make tortillas using a bread recipe (yeast & all that rising - it took forever). This will be my go-to torilla recipe from now on. They didn't remain as soft as the yeast tortillas, but they make up for it with ease of preparation. All the recipes we used are in my menu "Mexican Dinner Party" Thank you for such a useful recipe!
  3. Shakin Baker
    Used butter instead of shortening. These were pretty good!
  4. Spinach
    It's a very nice recipe and explanation are really good! It was my first experience with Tortillas and they had great success even I used butter instead of lard (we also have no veg shortening here)! Thank you, kcdelong!



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