Fish Tacos With Cilantro Chipotle Slaw

READY IN: 1hr 40mins
YIELD: 8 tacos




  • Mix the marinade ingredients together in a blender. Except the fish, as we're not making cat food.
  • Pour the marinade into a big zip top bag with the fish and let it sit for about 30 minutes at the most.
  • In a food processor, combine all of the slaw ingredients except the cabbage. Spin it up until you have a smoothish dressing.
  • Pour the slaw dressing over the cabbage and toss to combine. Let it chill in the fridge until dinner is ready. Normally I would make any coleslaw a day ahead of time, but for this, I still want a good crunch to the cabbage.
  • Mix the Masa, the salt and 1 cup of the water in a bowl by hand.
  • Only add enough of the remaining water tot he dough so it is workable enough to form a golf ball sized ball that can be flattened out without it crumbling apart.
  • Divide the dough into 16 equally sized balls.
  • Break out your tortilla press and flatten each dough ball into a small round. Or if you're like me, break out the tortilla press, then break the press after the third tortilla and resort to parchment paper, a heavy pan with a smooth bottom and a rolling pin.
  • Cook the tortillas on a med-high hot dry pan or an electric griddle for about 1 minute per side. You'll have to eyeball the time depending on how hot your "med-high" is.
  • I followed Alton Browns tip on keeping my tortillas hot and ready by wrapping them in a tea towel sitting on a heating pad. Yes, I am that much of a geek that I have a heating pad in the kitchen.
  • Get a large non stick pan heated over medium ready with half the oil.
  • Place your fish in the pan, careful not to crowd the pan, and cook for about 2-3 minutes per side. This is really up to you and how "done" you like your fish and also the type and thickness of the fish you're cooking. I look for just opaque in the center.
  • Extract the first batch and cover with foil while the second batch cooks.
  • I like the two tortilla shingle method myself with the fish on the bottom and the slaw on top. You can throw some diced tomatoes on top or maybe a squeeze of lime if you think it's necessary. I like to keep it simple.