Finadene Sauce

"This is a doctored-up soy sauce recipe that came from Guam. Over there, this is always by the red rice and barbequed ribs and chicken. It really adds a nice flavor to the rice! Try it next time you serve plain or fried rice! YUM!"
photo by Pikake21 photo by Pikake21
photo by Pikake21
Ready In:
3/4 cup




  • Pour the vinegar or lemon juice into a bowl.
  • Add soy sauce a little bit at a time to mix it according to your taste.
  • Add the onions and peppers.
  • Chill until ready to serve.
  • (You may use a hot sauce instead of hot peppers if you prefer. Use either, adjusting amounts to your preference for"heat!").

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  1. janderson48
    My girls grew up on this. Cucumbers in finedene are a standard at all of our barbecues, that and keleguin. I sent this recipe to my daughter who is making it for the first time. Thanks for posting
  2. Mae E.
    I was stationed on Guam in 1978 and still make Finadene and Lumpia. I make the Finadene with fresh lemon juice instead of the vinegar. It is best when sitting in refrigerator for a few days. I use it when making my brown gravy, pour it on pork chops, veggies, cabbage and sausage, etc. It is great on all sorts of stuff. I think it is best made with Kikkoman's soy sauce. If you have boonie peppers they can also be used in a jar of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar takes a bit of the heat out so mash up several then just add some to the jar. Great on greens and fish.
  3. Pikake21
    So so soooo so good! Exactly what I've been craving, and I'm eating some more now over rice for breakfast. Thank you SilentCricket--I'll be using this recipe again!
  4. The Bare Asp
    This really is a standard at every festia here in Guam. If I may make a suggestion, if you are going to make finadene, you really need to take some time and fine "boonie" peppers...small very spicy pepppers that grow in abundence in the can find them jarred in most orential food's well worth the work...but be pepper goes a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG way.
  5. garibabes
    My girlfriend from Guam used to make this religiously. I LOVE IT!! She taught me it can go on just about anything, from my eggs in the morning to my chicken, fish and rice at lunch or dinner. I am making it tonight for tomorrow, as it sits and seasons through, that makes it all the more delicious!!


  1. Richard Y.
    Add white wine no venager


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