Fantastic Spicy and Super Juicy Turkey

Recipe by grego73
READY IN: 3hrs
SERVES: 5-10




  • In a large ice chest, combine the water, dissolved salt, and sugar, stirring well. Add all the other ingredients and mix until all are soaked with the liquid. Add Turkey and ice, allowing the ice to cover the Turkey and delicious components. This concoction will need to sit overnight, preferably at least 24 - 48 hours. During that time, simply rotate the turkey and add ice as needed.
  • When ready to cook the turkey, remove the bird, rinse well and use a towel to pat dry. I use a hair dryer, which in turn, helps create a crisper skin. Allow the turkey to arrive at room temperature This should take 40 min - 1 hours Preheat oven to 450°F In the cavity, stuff the salt pork, rosemary bunch, garlic cloves, and oranges inside.
  • Combine the olive oil, pressed garlic, and butter in a bowl, and brush the entire turkey's skin. I do not truss the bird. Any ingredients that may fall out add a great flavor to drippings if you're making gravy with them.
  • Place the turkey breast-down in your roasting pan. Place in the oven and cook at 450°F for 40 minutes, turning temp down to 350°F for the duration of roasting. There is no need for basting this turkey, and opening the oven will only prolong it's cooking time. Turn the bird breast-up during the last 30 minutes of cooking time. Turkey should reach 165°F when checked with a thermometer in the thigh joint.
  • 10lb = 2.5 hours.
  • 15ld = 3.00 hours.
  • 20lb = 3.75 - 4.00 hours.