Fall Harvest Rice Krispies Treats

Recipe by Erin Crable
READY IN: 15mins
SERVES: 12-16


  • 10
    cups Rice Krispies
  • 2
    cups candy corn
  • 20
    marshmallow cream pumpkin decorative candies
  • 12
    cup butter
  • yellow food coloring
  • red food coloring


  • In large bowl, mix cereal with candy corn.
  • Melt butter and marshmallows in saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring continuously until smooth.
  • Add one drop yellow food coloring and one drop red food coloring to marshmallow mixture to create orange color.
  • Stir until thoroughly blended, adding more coloring to achieve desired shade of orange.
  • Add marshmallow mixture to cereal mixture and stir quickly to combine and coat.
  • Spread in buttered rectangular pan or dish and press evenly.
  • While still warm press pumpkin candies into top of the treats.
  • Refrigerate and cut into squares when cooled.
  • Recipe may be doubled.