Extremely Rich French Silk Pie

Recipe by DigitalAether
READY IN: 4hrs




  • Crust:
  • Make crumbs out of the graham crackers (about 12- 15 crackers) by covering them with plastic wrap and rolling over them with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs.
  • Mix crackers, sugar, and butter in a mixing bowl with a mixer on low speed, hands or a fork, until you have a constancy of course meal.
  • Press into a 9-inch pie pan.
  • Bake at 375°F for 8- 10 minutes.
  • Filling:
  • With an electric mixer cream the butter and sugar until you get a light airy texture.
  • (You will get best results if you use paddle attachments on the mixer. Regular beaters are fine but if you use this, stop occasionally and clean out the butter/sugar mixture with a rubber spatula as the blades can become clogged.) Do not over cream the butter.
  • If the butter starts to break down and separate, rechill for 5- 15 minutes.
  • Add the cooled chocolate and measured vanilla.
  • One at a time add eggs.
  • With your electric mixer beat a minimum of 5 minutes for each egg before adding the next and after the last egg the mixture should be VERY smooth.
  • Move the mixture into the graham cracker pie crust.
  • Topping:
  • Whip cream until it starts to stiffen.
  • Add the vanilla and sugar and beat until peaks form and hold.
  • Top the pie with the whipped cream.
  • Drizzle the chocolate syrup on top of the pie in a random pattern.
  • Grate the unsweetened chocolate on top of the pie.
  • Finishing:
  • Chill the pie for 3- 24 hours.
  • The toppings can be added after chilling if preferred (chill time is listed as cook time).