Exotic Orange Blossom Water and Rose Water - Make Your Own!

Recipe by French Tart
READY IN: 336hrs




  • How to go about making your delicious Rose and Orange Blossom water:
  • Pick your petals and blossom early in the morning, ideally those which have been grown completely organically.
  • Rinse the petals and blossom carefully in cold water, taking care to remove all dirt and any pesky insects.
  • Crush the petals or blossom with a mortar and pestle, and leave them to rest for a few hours, place them in a jar with some distilled water - don’t go overboard with the water as you can always add more later.
  • Leave the jar, with the lid on, in the sun for a couple of weeks, and check the scent. If it is too weak, continue to leave in the sun for another week or so.
  • Experiment with the quantities of water and petals to see what works for your water, and voila, you will be known as a culinary genius. Good luck and happy cooking!