English Toffee Cake

Recipe by OceanIvy
READY IN: 3hrs 30mins
SERVES: 10-12
YIELD: 1 cake


  • 1
    (18 ounce) package chocolate cake mix
  • 3
    eggs (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 13
    cup oil (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 1 13
    cups water (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 6
    Skor candy bars, chopped into very small pieces
  • 13
    cup Kahlua
  • 2
    cups whipping cream
  • 14
    cup sugar


  • Bake cake as directed, in 2 9-inch layer pans. Cool completely, then slice cakes in half so you have 4 rounds.
  • Pour Kahlúa into a glass measuring cup; sprinkle with gelatin.
  • Let soak 5 minutes, then heat in microwave for 20 seconds, or until warm to the touch so gelatin will dissolve when stirred.
  • Beat whipping cream; gradually add sugar until soft peaks form.
  • Fold in the dissolved gelatin mixture.
  • Lay cake rounds on counter. Evenly divide whipped cream on each cake, leaving sides bare.
  • Sprinkle each layer with chopped bars.
  • Stack cakes. Refrigerate at least 2 hours uncovered, to allow gelatin to set.