English Muffins

"Crusty and filled with nooks and crannies. Plain, buttered, jammed or crammed? When you make these babies fresh, you may just like 'em in the raw... prep time includes rising time."
photo by Chef on the coast photo by Chef on the coast
photo by Chef on the coast
Ready In:
3hrs 8mins
12 muffins




  • Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and leave in a warm place.
  • Dissolve the yeast and sugar in warm milk.
  • Let froth, then mix in the butter.
  • Stir all the liquid into the warm flour and beat well until smooth and elastic.
  • Cover and proof in a warm place for 50 minutes or until doubled in bulk.
  • Turn onto a well-floured board and knead, working a little more flour if necessary to make the dough easier to shape.
  • Round up the dough, roll into a thick sausage shape and slice into 8 to 10 portions, each about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inch thick.
  • Shape each one into a round with straight sides.
  • Put onto a greased baking sheet.
  • Cover (use greased plastic wrap) and put in a warm place to proof for 30-40 minutes or until springy to the touch.
  • Leave room for expansion and be careful not to over-proof, as the muffins will get flabby and lose their shape.
  • Warm and grease the bakestone lightly.
  • Lift the muffins carefully onto the bakestone and cook over very moderate heat (about 350-degrees) for 8-10 minutes until pale gold underneath.
  • Turn and cook the other side.
  • Wrap in a cloth and keep warm if cooking in batches.
  • To serve, insert a knife in the side, pull the top and bottom slightly apart, and insert slivers of butter.
  • Apple butter ain't bad either.
  • Enjoy.

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  1. angieemhen
    I made the dough for these in a bread machine on the dough cycle. After it was done, I broke the dough into 12 little balls, flattened them out, and cooked them on an electric griddle set at 325 degrees. They were so good that I have made them twice since. And SOO EASY! I love my ABM! Anyway. I did heed AW about the denseness, and used a whole packet of yeast (2 1/4 t. ) And they came out with all of the nooks and crannies that the store bought ones do' Honestly, before these, I thought english muffins where supposed to be a bit stale! LOL. I will never buy another. If you have problems with these, check the date on your yeast, and yes, do cook them on the stove top in a skillet, or on an electric griddle.
  2. djafishfria
    This was my first time making English muffins, and this recipe made it simple enough, while still explaining. I used a griddle (like what I use for pancakes) and they turned out well. I also added 3 t. cinnamon and some raisins. Fun to make!
  3. tobey_day
    These came out more "biscuit-y" for me - could definitely be operator error. I'm going to try Recipe #63244 and see if I fare better.
  4. Chef on the coast
    These were easy to make and taste great! I wasn't so sure though on the cooking method. I noticed other reviewers did theirs differently. I did mine in the oven and didn't quite have the texture of an english muffin. I will definitely try the griddle method next time. These are a keeper!
  5. Liara
    This was delicious and a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I just used my cast iron skillet on top of the stove and turned out perfect. Thanks!



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