Eggplant (Aubergine) Sauce for Pasta

"A neighbor gave me a big bag of Eggplant, I have lots of tomatoes from our garden. We love Ratatouille, So I came up with this recipe for canning."
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Ready In:
1hr 40mins
7 pints




  • In a very large kettle, heat olive oil over medium heat.
  • Add onion and garlic; cook until the onion is soft.
  • Add tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, tomato paste, basil, oregano, sugar, salt, pepper, and wine; stir.
  • Bring to boil; reduce heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Put into hot jars and seal.
  • Makes 7 pints or 4 quarts.
  • Process in hot water bath for 40 minutes.
  • This is very good served over pasta with Mozzarella cheese.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can I use frozen eggplant?
  2. Can you just freeze this instead of canning it?
  3. Can I make this without wine
  4. Can you add zuchinni to this recipe


  1. I made this and it is excellent... took me longer than specified but worth the time for sure ... also looks wonderful in the jars ... Thanks.
  2. This is absolutely delicious! I didn't have enough tomatoes and was a little shy on eggplant, but I still got enough for 8 pints. I saved the last one and we had it for dinner. It's absolutely delicious and my husband, who generally doesn't like eggplant, loves it! Do you have a good recipe for ratatouille too? I've been looking but I'll bet you know a good one. Thanks!
  3. This is an excellent recipe! It has the flavor of eggplant parmesan without the cheese. Easy to follow instructions.
  4. This is excellent !! I put up several quarts each year. The only changes I've made is using fresh oregano & parsley since I never seem to have basil available in my garden when I need it & cut the sugar to 1/4 cup.
  5. This was so good! I've made it several times and used as a pasta sauce, pizza sauce and most recently in ravioli casserole. I like it better than homemade tomato sauce, which tends to be more acidic. I'm not experienced canning eggplant so I froze several containers of this instead. I used white wine instead of red-that's just what I cook with-but I really think this recipe is great as written. Thanks!


  1. I didn’t change any ingredients.. maybe I put too much eggplant in, I’m not sure. I partially blended it with an immersion blender before canning. (My jars are green, clear or purple if the color looks a little off in some, it’s not.)
  2. Needs less sugar. I also think small amount of red pepper flake warming up in the olive oil before sautéed veggies is the way to go. I only processed for 1/2 the time and got a good seal
  3. First time I've made this and it was very good! I did substitute the red wine with diluted red wine vinegar. Everything else was exactly what the recipe called for. It did take much longer than the specified time and I got 6 pints. We used one right away and quickly discovered that I would be canning this stuff again next year. The flavor is wonderful! We put it on pasta and also used it for a dipping sauce for cheese sticks and bread sticks.
  4. Wonderful recipe, bursting with flavor. Was a huge hit with the night-before-Thanksgiving crew (meaning that I skipped the bottling and went right from pan to pasta)! I used organic canned tomatoes, including 1/3 fire-roasted, substituted agave nectar for the sugar, and used brown rice pasta (no loss in taste at all) for the gluten free among us.



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