Edinburgh Rock

READY IN: 25hrs 5mins


  • 450
    g caster sugar or 450 g superfine sugar
  • 1
    pinch cream of tartar (generous)
  • Combination 1:
  • to taste raspberry flavoring
  • to taste pink food coloring
  • Combination 2:
  • to taste lemon flavoring
  • to taste yellow food coloring
  • Combination 3:
  • to taste peppermint flavoring
  • to taste green food coloring
  • Combination 4:
  • to taste vanilla flavoring (no coloring)
  • Combination 5:
  • to taste ginger flavoring
  • to taste powdered instant coffee (for coloring)


  • Mix the sugar and water in a large pan, and, over very low heat, allow the sugar to dissolve completely.
  • Constantly stir the contents of the pan with a spatula, draw it gently from side to side across the base of the pan so that the sugar is prevented from settling in a cake at the bottom.
  • Immediately after the sugar is dissolved, add the cream of tartar, cover and bring to the boil.
  • When the liquid boils, remove the lid and skim well.
  • Boil to 126C/259F degrees.
  • Pour out onto an oiled slab (preferably marble[marble is by far the best, because it will distribute the heat evenly] or a smooth, non-porous stone slab – heat-proof ceramic might work, but any kind of plastic will not and you will have a royal mess on your hands!) Cool slightly and turn the edges to the centre with an oiled scraper.
  • Continue like this but avoid stirring.
  • As soon as the syrup is cool enough to touch, pour whichever flavouring and colouring you have chosen into the middle and continue turning the edges to the middle.
  • Take it up and pull it quickly and evenly over an oiled candy hook.
  • Continue until it becomes cloudy and dull.
  • Do this in a warm kitchen and if it becomes very stiff, re-heat slightly.
  • Draw out the candy evenly, snip off into lengths with a pair of oiled scissors.
  • Leave in a warm kitchen for about 24 hours, when the rock will become sugary and'short' when broken.
  • Put into a paper-lined airtight tin to store.
  • Note: The candy must be pulled sufficiently, otherwise it will remain sticky instead of'short'.