Easy Omelet for One

Recipe by Bergy
READY IN: 15mins




  • Whip the milk and flour together.
  • Add sour cream or whipped cottage cheese.
  • Add eggs and whisk until well blended.
  • Keep in fridge until ready to cook.
  • Heat non-stick skillet over medium heat (5-6 on electric stove).
  • Spray skillet with lite olive oil or other veggie spray.
  • Pour in egg mixture. You do not have lift the egg mixture to let the uncooked run under it will cook perfectly just by leaving it to cook.
  • Cover with lid and cook 5 minutes (you do not have to flip it) or until it has risen and is firm on top.
  • Meanwhile have your filling ready and warm.
  • Place omelette on a warmed plate put filling on it, flip half over and enjoy or place filling on half the omelete in the pan, flip half over and slide onto a warmed plate.


“This is so easy to do and it is fail proof! The filling is as good as your imagination, try different combinations. Blue cheese adds some zest. I usually make my filling and keep it warm in the oven while I cook the omelette. I often use 3 tbsp whipped cottage cheese instead of the sour cream. I think my favorite omelette is filled with cheddar cheese, jalapeno pepper, crumbled bacon and mushrooms - I fry the mushrooms and jalapeno for just a minute or two and I add the ceddar to the omelette in the last minute of cooking This is a new favorite filling that I just had. I didn't want to make a new recipe because this is the base recipe. - 3/4 cup fried mushrooms, 1/2 cup chopped, cooked chicken, 1tsp hot cajun spice, 1/4 cup shredded lite gouda cheese (or your own favorite), 4 tbsp hot salsa. Fry the mushrooms in a bit of butter or Pam, add chicken & Cajun spice - heat-remove from pan and keep warm-Cook your omelet-add cheese & chicken/ mushrooms when it is just about cooked to one side of the omelet. flip closed, after 1-2 minutes served with the salsa on top!”