Easy No Yeast Pizza Dough

"I've made this several times and it always turns out good. Make sure you knead the dough for the required 5-7 minutes. I have added dried herbs and onion flakes right into the dough as well."
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  • Preheat your oven to 400'F.
  • Place the flour, baking powder and the salt into a bowl. Make a well in the center and add the water and oil.
  • Combine by gradually incorporating the flour into the olive oil and water. You may want to add a little more water if necessary.
  • Transfer the dough to a floured board and knead it at least for 5-7 minutes.
  • Let the dough rest in an air tight plastic bag while you prepare the toppings for your pizza.
  • Once the toppings are made, set them aside and take the dough out of the plastic bag.
  • Put a tiny bit of oil in the center of your pizza pan and with your hands and finger tips spread the dough to cover the pan. I use a 12 inch pizza pan. You could probably stretch it to 15 inches, but it would be a thinner crust.
  • Place your pizza sauce on the dough and then cover with your favorite toppings.
  • Pop it into the preheated oven. Check it after about 20 minutes to see how the crust is browning. Some ovens are hotter then others, so this is a good habit to get into.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • P.S.: If you change the ingredients in this recipe I can't guarantee it's going to turn out the way mine did. But, hey, experiment with it. Thanks for choosing my recipe!

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  1. Bonnie Douglass
    This so so fast and easy! I use this now instead of buying ready made dough. I use regular all purpose flour but it comes out great. I bake it on a pizza stone and the crust is thin and soft much better than fast food crust.
  2. gjkeen
    We have made this a couple of times and turns out great each time. Tonight we cut the dough into circles with a cutter and baked for 10 minutes and these made amazing burger buns - a little flatter than the conventional burger bun but just the way we like it! GREAT recipe - simple and speedy!
  3. CookETC
    This crust was exactly what I hoped it would be. Thin and crispy on the edges...soft and light everywhere else. Here's what I changed up: I used all-purpose flower, kneaded for about two minutes and pressed (very thinly) onto a cookie sheet that had been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. I didn't do the plastic bag thing, but I did let the dough sit for awhile after I'd pressed it onto the cookie sheet. I then spread olive oil over the dough and added my toppings. Also, baked at 450 for about 12 minutes. It came out great.
  4. septemberhippie
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! I made it with half unbleached, half whole wheat flour, and threw in some basil and oregano...YUM! I do agree with a post that it's somewhat like foccacia. Either way, i love it and am making it again tonight!
  5. villid
    I made this with bread flour and doubled the recipe to make 2 large pizzas. I also made it in my bread machine and just used the dough cycle. We were out of yeast and I'm so glad I tried this. i rolled it out thin and it came out nice and crispy. My daughter made her own personal pan style pizza, thicker crust and it also came out great! Crispy on bottom and soft and chewy on top. I also had my oven at 450 because as soon as I put pizza in oven it cools down fast and pizza needs high heat if you like crispy crust. Thank you for great recipe I will use again. Very simple to make and I think this would also make a great foccacia with different toppings.


  1. ChrissyVas
    This was a very quick and easy pizza crust. The pizza crust kind of reminded me of the frozen Tony's Pizza crust. I used plain white flour as that was what I had on hand. Otherwise the only other modification that I made was that I only used about 1/8 teaspoon of garlic salt in place of the sea salt. I thought the amount of salt seemed a bit much considering the amount of flour used in combination with adding cheese which as plenty of salt, but that's just my preference. I stretched the dough out a little thin as it doesn't have any yeast I know it won't rise hardly if at all and I didn't want the biscuit flavor. It made a lovely thin crust pizza, I served this with a nice green salad with some left over pizza toppings. We still have two small slices left over. I think this is perfect in a pinch when you don't have any yeast. YUM!


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