Easy Microwave Hard Christmas Rock Candy

"This is a recipe I have perfected over the years...and it is so darn easy and fast compared to the old "boil to hard ball stage recipes"...I just made 3 different kinds of flavors and it takes about 10 minutes per flavor....follow the directions exactly...and be careful and use oven mits.. UPDATE: Microwaves vary so be sure to get a good boil especially the first time. In my new microwave it takes 4 minutes each step in microwave. Also the flavoring you should use the whole 1 dram."
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  • Use a good heavy glass bowl such as a pyrex brand. Grease a 11 X 15 inch jelly roll pan. Mix sugar and corn syrup into microwave safe glass bowl. Cover with plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap tightly.
  • Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Take out carefully, remove plastic wrap and stir. Put on a new piece of plastic wrap and microwave another 3 minutes. Take out carefully and stir again. Put on another new piece of plastic wrap and microwave another 3 minutes -- Take out again, remove plastic wrap, add oil carefully and food coloring if using and stir -- pour into your greased jelly roll pan and spread out onto sheet -- you can sprinkle powdered sugar over top if desired -- place in a cool place to harden -- after it hardens break up into pieces and store in airtight container -- Enjoy -- .

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  1. I love this recipe saves a lot of time and turns out great every time.
  2. I never use the microwave because it's too hard to control the temperature and ruin kitchenware. It's so much easier using a pot and candy thermometer. To answer someone as to why their candy never set up, it's because the syrup didn't get hot enough, to hard boil/crack stage. Using a microwave isn't ideal for making hard candy unless you know the stages and can tell by dropping a bead into water and testing. Also, it's better to add a little corn starch to the powdered sugar for coating after the hard candy has cooled and before storing. I just put it all in a large baggie and gently shake, then store in a clean dry container in a cool place.
  3. Not user friendly. My dish and spoon was ruined! Make sure you use junk silverware and bowls ect. The bowl got super hot in my microwave (which is a brand new model)! It got so hot that the bowl melted the platic wrap onto the bowl. It is convienient if your looking for a quick fix, otherwise I would stick to the original way.
  4. mine never hardened all the way did i do something wrong? 2hrs of cooling its still soft and pliable
  5. I tried this for the first time last night and I love it. I used a large pyrex bowl and heat safe spatulas. Yes the bowl gets HOT, she warns you of that in the recipe. Use oven mits to handle. I used the 3 min process and it turned out So well, I made 3 batches of different flavors in less time than I ever imagined. I usually only get thru one batch as it's so time consuming I don't want to make more. Thank you for the recipe! My next adventure is microwave peanut brittle!



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