Easy Fanesca Imitation

READY IN: 12hrs 50mins
YIELD: 12 1 cup




  • Ahead of time, cook the squashes, cabbage, rice and beans separately and soak the fish. Save the liquids from the beans and fish.
  • If the broad beans still have the shells, remove them.
  • When ready to prepare:.
  • 1. In a large pot, fry onion in 1 T butter with achiote and 3 minced cloves of garlic until the onion is transparent.
  • 2. Add pepper and1/4 tsp cumin and fry additional minute.
  • 3. Cut the fish in medium sized pieces (to preference).
  • 4. Add a half cup of saved fish water, half-and-half, and the bean water to make one liter of liquid. If the bean water does not reach a liter, add water.
  • 5. Add peanut butter, squash, sambo, cabbage, and rice; boil for 20 minutes, stirring, until it reaches a creamy consistency.
  • 6. Add the hominy, both types of beans (make sure the broad beans have no shells), and peas, and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • 7. Add the fish, simmer for 5 minutes. More of the fish water may be added to taste.
  • 8. Add chochos.
  • Top with any/all of the following:.
  • 1. Fried plantain: Cut the plantains into pieces about an inch long, microwave until soft, press flat with a flat knife or a can, and fry in oil of your choice until golden brown.
  • 2. Hard-boiled egg, peeled and halved.
  • 3. Empanadas.