Easy Crumpets

"This is my mom's recipe for traditional SOUTH AFRICAN crumpets (little pancakes, or flapjacks). They are great for kids and they are melt in the mouth! My mom used to make a huge amount to send to school for birthdays - what a hit! They don't have yeast, so if you are looking for another type of crumpet, this isn't the recipe for you."
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Ready In:
20-30 depending on size




  • Mix everything, leaving butter for last.
  • Grease a flat bottomed frying pan or griddle.
  • Drop or pour small amounts of batter onto griddle.
  • Turn and cook other side when bubbles break on surface of crumpet.
  • Heat should be medium to get a deep, even golden colour.
  • Serve warm with butter and jam sandwiched together.

Questions & Replies

  1. In this recipe - https://www.food.com/recipe/easy-crumpets-138710?ftab=questions It says leave the butter until last, does that mean use the butter to grease the pan, and don't add it to the mix or just mix the butter into the mix last?


  1. English Crumpets have neither sugar nor eggs in the recipe!!
  2. AMAZING!!!!!!! I used self raising with only 1 tsp BP and they're super fluffy!
  3. It was an easy recipe to follow and the crumpets came out so nicely and very delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
  4. Easy, quick and my kids just loved these crumpets. I am definitely using this recipe again.
  5. Lockdown in SA seems to have me reminiscing of happier day! Goodness knows why but I thought to google a crumpet recipe and found this. After reading the reviews, I decided to make them, hoping that they’ll taste just like my mom’s crumpets when I was growing up. My son is 16, and my British partner of 7 years have only ever had the odd woolies mini version.. Never again! This recipe is exactly like my mom’s from the 90s! I even laughed out aloud when the bubbles came and I knew to flip them over! Oh and the first one is always an ‘edible flip’ ?? Took a few moments to mix up, and cooked perfectly on a low heat (level 2.) I was also worried that the recipe called for too much baking powder, but it was absolutely perfect! They were delicious smothered in butter and golden syrup! Thank you so much for sharing! Best wishes from Durban, South Africa
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  1. I added 1/4 of a cup sugar instead of the 3/4 c
  2. I just used this recipe, because I too was looking for a traditional crumpet recipe that my mom used to make in SA. But after starting, I realised I was out of baking powder *shakes head*! <br/>Anyhoo, I started all over again, and used Self - Raising flour instead, and water instead of milk (my ma always used water instead of milk). They came out superb!!! Even my Irish born kids loved them. I used Jam and Syrup! Thanks so much for the recipe!!! Another ex-Durbanite!!! By the way, I got the 'porous holes' when I was making mine, and I didn't use yeast.... And mine were the proper SA crumpets that I grew up with.


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