Easy Avocado Burrito

"This delicious vegetarian or vegan burrito has been my favorite easy meal since I was in high school and too lazy to spend more than a few minutes in the kitchen.:) I still find this quick meal to be one of my favorites even though I cook a lot now! Although I love traditional "bean" burritos, this recipe tastes better to me without the beans. My mother always made these and I'm not sure where she got the recipe or if she made it up herself. Everyone I've ever made them for has loved them. Enjoy! NOTE: I usually make these in small tortillas with little filling that make nice smaller sized burritos that make an instant yummy snack or taste great with a side of refried beans and spanish rice. They also taste great if you make these into bigger burritos but beware that the serving sizes and nutritional facts won't match up."
Easy Avocado Burrito created by cookiedog
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  • Chop the tomatoes and avocados. Make sure there is about an equal amount of both avocado and tomato (keep this in mind when choosing the size of your tomatoes and avocados-If I have smaller tomatoes then I use more if my avocados are large and visa versa).
  • Put the tomatoes and avocados in a bowl and mix in your favorite salsa. I like to use about 1/4 cup of salsa, but depends on your preference how much you add (sometimes I've used 1/3 cup). Set aside.
  • Heat tortilla on a pan. Flip and then sprinkle on some of the pepper jack cheese (or cheese of your choice).
  • Once the cheese has melted take off the pan and onto a plate. Spread a thick or thin amount of the avocado, tomato and salsa mixture.
  • Roll like a burrito and enjoy!
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  1. adams.wifey
    really good. i omitted the cheese. i also had a small amount of leftover beans and rice - so i threw that in the mix. so simple and really tasty. my kids (2 & 4 y/o) loved it too. thanks for the recipe.
  2. Autsayder
    Delicious! I didn't include the cheese, but I did add some red onion. So good! Thanks for sharing!
  3. heathermassa721
    The whole family loved it, including the baby. Can not wait to make it again. Thank you!
  4. Cookie16
    So simple but so good. I skipped the cheese altogether so mine was just avocado and tomato on tortilla. I will definitely make this again. Thanks!
  5. cookiedog
    Easy Avocado Burrito Created by cookiedog

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