Easy As Sunday Morning Homemade Tahitian Vanilla Extract

READY IN: 1344hrs 20mins


  • 1 34
    liters vodka, mid-shelf brand is perfect
  • 30
    tahitian vanilla beans, buying online is much more economical


  • ***You will need 15, 4oz Round Bottom Glass bottles with tight fitting caps, if you plan on making these as gifts.***.
  • Choose two vanilla beans per bottle, one plump and one on the thinner side (for consistent flavor between all bottles).
  • Score both vanilla beans lengthwise.
  • Cut one of the scored vanilla beans in to 1" pieces.
  • Cut second scored vanilla bean in half.
  • Add 1" pieces of first vanilla bean into bottle; then add halved vanilla bean, cut side down.
  • Add 1/2 cup of vodka into bottle, fasten cap tightly.
  • Repeat for all 15 bottles.
  • Place all 15 bottles on window sill so they are in the sun; leave in sun overnight.
  • Lightly flip each bottle over gently to agitate contents and remove from sunlight.
  • Allow vanilla beans to continue to steep in vodka for 6-8 weeks before use.
  • OPTIONAL: Stretch out the life of your vanilla beans by doing one of two things: 1. Continually top off bottles with more vodka to continue extracting more vanilla from beans. This can be continued until vodka no longer turns brown; this is when your vanilla bean should be discarded. OR 2. Remove vanilla beans from bottle and allow to dry on flat, non-porous surface. Add vanilla bean to a water/air-tight container and cover vanilla beans with white or brown sugar. Keep container closed for one week. After one week enjoy your homemade vanilla sugar! :).