Eastern NC Pulled Pork BBQ in a Crock Pot

Recipe by 9BallGuy
READY IN: 12hrs 20mins
SERVES: 18-24




  • Quarter and slice the onion into little arches. Place about half an onion's worth in the crock pot as to line the bottom.
  • Place the whole pork shoulder into the crock-pot. Take just a small amount of sauce to dampen the shoulder.
  • Cover with a generous coating of spice rub, if desired.
  • Top with remaining onion slices. Take 75% of the sauce and pour it around the pork shoulder. Then pour the white and cider vinegars around the pork.
  • Cover and cook on low for 8-12 hours.
  • When cooking is complete, remove cover and then carefully pull the bone out of the pork shoulder (BE CAREFUL! IT WILL BE HOT!).
  • Carefully remove the meat and half of the onions from the crock-pot and put into a large bowl, leaving behind as much of the cooked vinegar solution behind as possible. A slotted spoon may be needed.
  • Then with two forks (or your hands once the meat has cooled a little, if you are so inclined), "pull" (shred) the meat.
  • Pour in most of the remaining, "uncooked" sauce, saving a little to add to BBQ sandwiches as desired. (Personally, I prefer using Texas Pete on my sandwiches.).
  • Serve as sandwich or BBQ plate.
  • Enjoy!